• Charlotte Claber

A Rare Chance with Rarity

Hey, I’m Loeden and I am the vocalist in Rarity. Five words to describe Rarity? Easy. Steel City Slam Dancing Fools.

Stage Dive or Crowd Surf?

Stage dive into crowd surf! Nothing says I’m having a better time than the people below me than extending that powerful butt slam of doom into a gentle relaxing glide across the icy stares I’m sure you’re getting thrown at you! (Note: stage dives and crowd surfing is sick. Do it a lot.)

Small crowd of people you know very well or a Large crowd full of no one you know?

Large crowds are cool for sure, but nothing beats a small room packed with homies. Energy is important in a live show, crowd included. It’s a lot more fun playing to 60-100 people who actually know you and want to have fun and jump around, rather than 600-1000 blank faces who have never heard your name before.

Marvel or DC?

The history channel, haha. I don’t really think any of us are too into comics or anything in that sort of universe. Personally I’m a fan of real life subject matter, even when it comes down to what I watch or read. I’m just not a big fantasy guy.

Vans or Converse?

Vans all the way. I think this one needs little explanation.

Lord Of The Rings or Harry Potter?

Once again I’ll turn your attention to question 4, however I guess speaking for Evan (don’t quote me on this) Lord of the Rings? I guess? I saw the one Harry Potter where he lives in the stairs, not too sure what happens after that.

Pizza or Burger?

Pizza. All the way.

Cats or Dogs?

For me personally, Cats. I love cats. All cats. However I think the band is a 50/50 split.


World Wrestling Entertainment will always hold a special place in my heart. Cena forever.

Soccer or Hockey?

SPORTS ARE SO SICK BRO! Haha, nah I guess Hockey. Soccer is okay, but Hockey is Canadian, so that makes it better. (Also, it’s not soccer, it’s football.)