• Naomi Sanders

Creeper, plus Puppy, Energy, and MILK TEETH, Tramshed Cardiff, 02/04/2017

Tramshed’s wide design felt perfect for the atmosphere that was about to fill the room. It did start slowly, however, with the first support, Puppy. Puppy is a perfect name for the group – young and energetic, with a lot of room to grow. Energy also has a befitting name; hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, these guys brought high energy to the crowd, and really got the gig going. Worth checking out more of their stuff. MILK TEETH started off slow, but did end on a high note, some good songs there; gave a Scott Pilgrim-esque indie rock vibe which was nice to see.

Finally, Creeper arrived on stage, and truly brought the house down. The great thing about this performance was that there was a real 2-way appreciation, not just from the audience, but from the band as well, as they connected with the crowd. The fact that the setlist included both songs from the recent debut album, and the previous, much-loved EPs made the night not just special for newer fans, but all fans, including those who have been with the band since the beginning.

From the opener of ‘Black Rain’, to the Blondie-like ‘Down Below’, from keyboardist, Hannah Greenwood’s, solo song ‘Crickets’, to the encore of ‘VCR’ and ‘Misery’, each song featured that night was unique in its own way, which made it all the more memorable.

An absolutely great evening that would be recommended to everyone to make their way to see these guys. Although slow to start, there weren’t any underwhelming acts, which added up to an overall fun and brilliant night. Overall, an unforgettable night, so for those heading to either Download Festival, or Warped Tour in the US, be sure to go see this band, because it’ll be a set you’ll never forget.