• Charlotte Claber

Don Broco - Pretty

Yet again, we see Don Broco bounce back with something that amazes all! 2 years after their latest album was last released; Automatic was surely the album that gave all the urge to get up and dance! From ‘Superlove’ to ‘You Wanna Know’ a 12 track album for a disco for one! But their comeback is something else, and purely mesmerizing!

Their new single ‘Pretty’ which was released on May 5th 2017, with a whole new feeling than anything we’ve heard from them before. With a slightly heavier sound what has been delievered to us in the past, giving all the encouragement to start a pit in your rooms. A song containing energetic building up bridges and mellow verses, that contrast one another give the song the overall energetic vibe! An amazing chorus to die for giving you the sudden need to be up and Quite common in the bands music. As for the catchy tune, the new single is bound to be that song you’ll have on repeat for the next few weeks.

With a single just released that leaves us all in high hopes and anticipation of a new album!