• Charlotte Claber

Energy: A Band With True Spirit

Energy. A band with a name that encompasses their true spirit. The band grabs audiences attention UK wide as they supported Creeper on an eight day run. As a band with over a 10 year history, the real question is: Who are Energy? And why don’t we already know their whole discography?

Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, the band seamlessly blend new grave with influences of Doo Wop and dabble with pop-punk. The band has grown and learnt over its 10 year span and over that time become the band that are presented on the Creeper tour. Comprising of Jason Tankerley, Nick Sullivan, Steve Duarte, Mike Natsios and Randy Mason, Energy are a band that seem to create a melody of melancholy and cheer that is unquestionable. With an intense stage presence, lead singer, Tank captivates the crowd who fall into silence every time, wondering what is next from the enigmatic band. With Vocals compared to the likes of Davey Havok, it shines through on stage that Energy are a band with experience and sheer talent.

A band that have supported the likes of The Wonder Years, Defeater, Converge, Comeback Kid and many more, show what they’ve learnt through the years through their engagement, though second on the bill, Energy have the potential to headline shows as the crowds react with nothing but a positive spirit and enthusiasm towards the mysterious quintet.

There is no doubt Energy are a force to be reckoned with, success on their first UK run means the bands fanbase are quickly expanding and many are hoping for a return very soon. To follow the bands on goings and interact with other followers join their Facebook group here.