• Charlotte Claber

Energy: Back to the UK!

We’re all ‘Dead In Dreamland’ because Energy are landing back on UK shores in July! The band quickly became a crowd favourite on the Creeper tour with fans urging them to come back soon and it seems they couldn’t come back quick enough! Flying back over in July the band are taking Southampton quartet Miss Vincent out on their very first headliner in the UK!

Celebrating their return with new song ‘A Prayer For Rain’ it is clear the band have a great love for the UK and their fans. Speaking on the song and coming tour, lead singer Jason Tankerley said “This song was actually recorded during The Witching Hour sessions late last year. I wrote it during a difficult time late last fall on my way to one of our shows. The song means alot to me, but I have to leave the lyrics open to interpretation for personal reasons.

Also, since coming over with a new song worked out pretty well last time, and we didn’t want to head back again without any new music, we decided to save this song for the tour announcement. I was beyond thrilled when I first heard that we were coming back to the U.K. We were actually asked while we were still over there at the London show of the Creeper tour I believe. Our fans over there were / are so amazing to us that we were formally asked to come back before our first ever trip to the U.K. was even over! It’s just the best feeling knowing that there is new music coming out, a return to the U.K. where all the kids are just so amazing, and that this band doesn’t seem to be slowing down one bit. I couldn’t be more grateful for everything that’s happening.”

Watch the video for their new song containing footage shot on the UK tour with Creeper below and catch Energy near you, very soon as tickets go on sale this Friday!