• Charlotte Claber

Eternity in Your Arms - Creeper

With a cult-like following, and three EPs to back them up, Creeper’s long awaited debut is one not to be missed. The Southampton punks have grown from strength to strength from their humble beginnings in 2014. Since announcing their debut, the band have gone “missing”, toured the US and teased fans with hints as well as releasing four tracks with the help of Daniel P Carter and the Radio 1 Rock Show. Black Rain, Suzanne, Hiding With Boys, Down Below and Misery were instant hits with fans, old and new. With the days counting down the band set up http://www.room309.co.uk – an online advent calendar with more teasers.

Opening with Black Rain, the album promises to entertain, the prologue again reassures the listener that just like Meatloaf’s Bat Out Of Hell, the album is a musical dream. With the flow of guitar, bass and drums we are quickly met with Poison Pens. As a song Poison Pens promises to be a crowd pleaser with a hardcore influence, thrash guitars and vocals make this song stand out for all the right reasons. As an album the juxtaposition between tracks have left fans comparing the band to My Chemical Romance and thus inspiring a new generation of emo. Suzanne, is Creeper’s first single from the album and promised to be popular when they debuted it on their tour with Pierce The Veil, a tour that left fans wanting more, and gained them a whole new crowd. Hiding with Boys, the bands second single release is the first song that truly shows us a hint at what Hannah Greenwood is capable of but it isn’t until her country-esque song Crickets, that we her true capability. Crickets is a spine-tingling song that gives Hannah a platform as a singer and shows a different side to the band, a softer and more endearing track it guarantees to have fans hooked. The rollercoaster that is ‘Eternity, In Your Arms’ proves once again that as an album it should be listened to in full to truly understand the beauty and the musical influences Will Gould has taken.

Potentially the Walt Disney of emo, Gould built up what was seen as a dying genre from this small DIY band, that’s influence are way beyond its years. Lyrics like “we’re so forgettable and miserable” resonate with a generation that missed out on the rise of My Chemical Romance, with the potential for it to happen all over again.

I Choose To Live battles with what so many of the self-named ‘Cult’ experiences and empowers. As the finale, the song is statement, an encourages fans to choose happiness, and do whats right for them. Lyrics speak directly to anyone who struggles and is a motivation. “Life don’t seem as dark when I sing with you”, resonates with many members of the cult who often thank the Southampton punks for the friends they’ve made through the band who’ve helped them through dark times.

A constant on the album though is the struggle of the real world. Will Gould has often spoke of his love for peter pan and the fear of growing up and this is reflected in the characters they’ve created through ‘The Stranger’, ‘James Scythe’ and many others. Like a performance, the band have constantly kept fans guessing and on the edge of their seats waiting for new releases or hints at the future of these characters.

Creeper completed by Sean Scott, Dan Bratton, Ian Miles and Oliver Burdett prove once again they are a bold splash of colour in an often dull world with songs that aren’t afraid to dance with different genres. Standing out for all the right reasons.

Eternity, In Your Arms proves that Creeper are a fast growing force, and they are here to stay.