• Charlotte Claber

Fighting Back, Suicide Silence are here to stay

Over the past few weeks, Suicide Silence have faced backlash off fans and yet they still come back fighting as they take off on the UK leg of their tour. Eddie and Chris took time out to talk the fans and music…

How was the Russian dates of the tour?

Eddie: It was really good. You would think with everything going on politically they would’ve made us wear a blond wig, red tie, orange tan and maybe tell us to fuck off. We got there, everything was really smooth. In terms of customs, they didn’t ask us any questions, they didn’t really get into us and then we get there and the shows were set up really smooth. There were no problems and the shows just went off! The first night was really weird because the stage was like 50 feet off the floor and it just felt awkward. It was a small show, our crowds have all been smaller because of the crap on the internet. We still went off, we were going crazy, my hair was off the chain.

When you released You Can’t Stop Me did you ever feel there was some sort of pressure to deliver to the old fans? Chris: It sounds sort of weird but we weren’t really thinking about any outside influence because there was so much going on. We were sort of a circle, he didn’t have a mental, emotional or spiritual capacity to handle anything else. We weren’t being selfish there was just no outside influence, we were just playing just to play. It was just about continuing to be a band. When playing shows, all I ever thought was is the show up to our standard? It’s all that mattered. I’d come to them at the end of the night and ask them “did that sound okay, did I do alright?”. That’s literally all that mattered to me. The obvious thing is that you aren’t going to be a cohesive group if you’ve never played shows together right off the bat. We knew it was going to be hard coming together as a unit and that’s what was always on my mind. Things became more and more comfortable everyday.

With the self titled, you took a step in such a bold and creative direction, what made you do this?

Eddie: It was time. Being on tour with certain bands, not going to name any names, but it was just uninspiring. It was time for us to do what we always wanted to do. Any band needs to understand you aren’t here forever, and we did this for us. After we got through the first step which was creating “You Can’t Stop Me”, to just be a band and realise we could do this. We are blessed with all the support that made it possible and after that first mountain it was time to conquer the next mountain which was doing a record we actually wanted to do. Hopefully that inspires bands to be themselves. No one really is themselves, they hide behind a logo you can barely read and their screaming and I guess no one really knows who they are. They’re afraid to show themselves and their heart. This was our time to show who we are.

Creatively what inspired the album?

A lot of lyrics came from my family, I can only assume. I’ve always known when the musicians are writing the music, it comes from a deep dark place. There is no words to musical composition, you just play and that’s the rawest form of communication there is. When you sit down and close your eyes, and listen to the track or the guitar part or whatever it is; you can hear the pain in the artist. You hear the darkness and the depth that they’re in. I can only assume that on this record specifically, it was ten years of bashing our heads repeatedly against a wall. It was ten years culminating, being away from family, seeing how the path can lead you down a road to where we are today. I hear a lot about it and lyrically I was trying to match that, talking about my own family and my path that’s led me here today.

Why was “Doris” chosen as a single”?

To me “Doris” was the song that right off the bat was going to shock people. It was the one song on the record that was really going to turn it up a notch. It was going to be the one kids would make fun of the most. The chorus does the one thing people in our genre talk about most, they talk about singing on a record. We weren’t going to do that and then release a song with no singing which is what a lot of bands have done. We wanted to show you the depth of how far we wanted to go, maybe a little off putting. We could’ve chosen from a number of songs, that probably would’ve sold more records and been accepted well but that wasn’t the main focus. We wanted to show people that it was time for change. It was a statement, a movement.

If you could say one thing to silence the naysayers what would it be?

Come Out Come, See it live. If you hear it, you won’t get it. If you see the cover, you won’t get it. But maybe, if you actually get out of your house and see it live – You will get it! Don’t believe what you see on the internet, it’s not always true, even though people think it is.

Are there any particular songs on the album you believe people need to hear?

Chris: Conformity. I know that’s what Eddie’s going to say, I felt it. That’s my personal favourite because it’s the deepest on all levels. That’s the one song on the record, Ross let me sing really pretty! I’m definitely not saying he went to purposefully sabotage the vocals at all! I 100% understand every choice he made on the record, as far as picking takes and what sounds he was going for. He was going for vulnerable, fearless. That’s what he wanted from me. That’s why the record sounds like it does; it’s a guy losing his fucking mind, going through an egotistical death in a way. Learning that being a fly on the wall and being safe, secure and sterile is just as big of an ego trip as the guy who wears the fluffy jacket, hitting on girls walking across the street, who thinks he’s the shit. It’s the same concept and mentality but one is being protected and one is just not giving a fuck. So in Conformity, it was a song that just called for pretty vocals. He let me out of the cage a bit, and let me sing, and I just think that’s the song that’s really going to shut people up. It’s pretty undeniable.

Finally, as a band you keep persistent and strong no matter what you’re faced with; how do you do it?

Eddie: People forget who they’re talking to. They forgot what this band went through 4 years ago. If we had to get through that, well then all these comments to us are just funny. It’s really funny, Chris said to me “dude, you’re an asshole. They aren’t even talking about me”. I mean I was getting jealous of him, they weren’t even talking about my tone, I just wanted someone to say something! Finally someone did, and he was so stoked and started laughing! I used to think when someone made a comment about me online it was a joke, and we’d talk amongst our scene. Then when something real happens to you and people are brutal in their thousands and around the world, then it’s like “oh, this is how people really are!” So after you’ve seen people talk about your best friend and your brother like that, everything else is just nothing. If we got through that then everything else is easy, just like eating a cake. If you’re confident in what you do, like I said before we started rolling the tape, when you know what you did is full heart, full passion, no bullshit, there isn’t much people can say, that I could agree with. If I looked at someone with blue hair and said “You’re pink hair is awful”, you’d laugh it off and take it as a joke because you would know it wasn’t true. You’d think I was colour blind or a fucking idiot. It’s the same concept, same idea. When people tell me I’m singing off key, I’m like well, I’m a trained trombone player, who has to literally find notes on a sliding scale. In order to fit into a symphonic band of which I held the highest chair, I mean I think I’m on key! And if I wasn’t then well maybe it was on purpose. It’s little things like that, I don’t see it as offensive, I see it as a troll and it’s just kids expressing themselves. I love the fans equally, I have always loved them and I have been nothing but nice to them throughout my career and my life. I am grateful for them and even for their shit-talking as they are finally expressing themselves. When you express 100% of your heart, everything that is said to you is just questionable, even if it’s in the thousands it’s just okay, all good.