• Charlotte Claber

Friends With Real Friends

Real Friends discuss the new album, live shows, music and even warped tour!

The new album was released yesterday: how have people reacted to it so far?

Dan: It’s been really good, really positive, everybody has had good words to say that we’re really grateful for Kyle: It’s different being over here for because looking online at everything, we’re 6 hours ahead but it was really cool to see what everyone was saying on twitter and instagram. It was really crazy because on our twitter, I was looking like every once in awhile and it seemed like every two minutes someone was tweeting about it. It’s really cool and it honestly means a lot because we do look at our mentions on twitter and stuff and it’s cool to see that people really care! It definitely was one of our biggest days as a band, just like people talking about the record way more than even they did on the last record. It’s really cool to see that!

Did you enjoy the listening party?

It was awesome, I think it was a different way of getting the record out, instead of doing a stream or something. At the bowling alley we had it at, Kyle had booked a lot of shows as we were starting the band and looking for places to play and so we have a really good relationship with the people that work there and that run it. It was just nice to be able to have something special like that in our home town with people we are friends with helping us out and just being able to get the music out there in a way that is fun and interesting and a little different because I don’t think the kids get to experience things like that with a lot of bands that they listen to. It’d be great to do it and bring people together in a non concert setting but music is a reason you’re there and it’s just pretty fun! I mean it was a listening party and it was like a party, everyone was just hanging out like it was really cool to get everyone together and I feel like it’s cool for us to use any sort of success we have with these events to take it outside of that and bring people together and I think that is really awesome.

Was this album any easier or any harder to put out?

Effort wise I’d say it was about the same but we had more time because we had probably about a year to write the album since we had started it and I think having that we were able to look at each song we were writing and give it a little bit of time and come back to it with fresh ears so that we know what works, what doesn’t, and what we should expand on and I think it helped make a stronger, more cohesive record.

What songs are you looking forward to playing live and why?

I really like playing ‘Scared to be alone’ - one of the singles we released. The song ‘Mokena’ is really cool and is one of my favourite songs. It’s one of the more stripped down songs and then it all hits in, in the middle and that one will just definitely be really fun to play live, but it’s more like emotional and I feel the crowd will really interact well with it. But all of them, it’s tough to pick just one because we wait and see how the crowds react because we have definitely had times where we’ve played newer songs and the crowd are more like ‘eh?’, maybe the people just didn’t really connect to some songs on the albums as much because I feel bands always have those songs so we wait to see what everyone really wants us to play

Dan: so you wrote your first few songs for this album, do you plan on doing more?

Yeah. I would love to! I had four songs on the record that I wrote the lyrics for and I just felt that this time round I was confident enough to be able to contribute to the band in that aspect

What advice would you give to someone who wants to pursue music?

I think the best advice that I can give is that I’ve always been really lucky and the aspect is to find the right people, in not only the sense of their playing ability but their commitment because that’s really important - find people who have the same vision! You want it to be exact, when we started the band we were all on the same page, we still are most of the time about most things and that’s very important.