• Charlotte Claber

Halloween with WSTR

Charlotte sat down with Sammy, vocalist of WSTR, to discuss all things Red, Green or Inbetween and Halloween!…

With new music on the horizon, can you give us an insight into what the new record is going to be like?

It’s basically just WSTR but bigger and better. We took more time to think about writing it so it’s not just thrash and we structured it a lot better, we like to call them proper songs now. Its just SKRWD but bigger, better, more versatile and a broader sort of sound.

Who or what inspired the album?

Literally where we were at, at the time. We had just released SKRWD in September then we were thrown in the studio like December/January time so we didn’t really have much experience to like throw in so lyrically I used a lot of my old experiences that I’d wanted to sing about but previously never really had the chance. The album title ‘Red, Green or Inbetween is got a double meaning. It’s being stuck in limbo at a set of traffic lights and its also the name of a significant friend of mine called Amber. A lot of the songs are about her and the experiences I’ve had with girls.

What has the fans reactions been like so far?

Unbelievable! We couldn’t believe the original reaction to SKRWD and how long its taken and now we’ve finally got new music. Bigger, better and more people are going to hear it and dig it! Obviously we’ll get the naysayers but we’ve always had them. Just amazing though!

Was it any easier or harder to write than SKRWD?

I guess its got more anticipation. There’s more pressure since we are signed. When we wrote SKRWD we weren’t even a band, we didn’t have full members. We had no deadline, no budget, no nothing. We didn’t really have many expectations. This is coming out on a label, its got to be bigger and better! It has to exceed the budget and we felt pressure but you can be the judge when you’ve heard it and see if we’ve done it justice.

So you’ve just been added to the Seaway tour! Are you looking forward to it?

Yes! It’ll be good and apparently those guys drink a lot so its awesome. It’ll be good fun!

What’s the best tour you’ve been on then?

They’re all so good! The Neck Deep one. We were all on a bus, our first time out the country and we all shared a bus and it was just absolute lads club. Unlimited alcohol every night, it was just a mess!

Is the Limp Bizkit cover done for good?

I’m going to say yes… But maybe tonight there may be a possibility. We might bring it out on special occasions but on the whole yes!

If you were in a Halloween movie, which one would it be and why?

Like a horror movie? I don’t know if I’d want to be in any. Maybe Final Destination? Because I enjoy danger so knowing I might die next would be a thrill for me!