• Charlotte Claber

Red, Green Or Inbetween gets the Green

WSTR proved they were good enough once, but with the highly anticipated release of ‘Red, Green Or Inbetween’ on the horizon, can they do it again?

The simple answer is Yes. Catchy riffs, hit hard throughout the album, with Sammy Clifford’s vocals coming in even harder. A prime example is their second single ‘Footprints’ which has already proved popular amongst the fans. ‘Lonely Smiles’ was the first single to be released and it is understandable as to why this is. A guaranteed crowd pleaser that will get everyone on their feet. ‘Gobshite’ being the fun song on the album, simply showing the boys personalities and their attitude as a band. Though the album has such a light hearted feel Sammy has said “This album is mainly a breakup album however it’s not a ‘fuck you’ album it’s more a ‘mad at myself’ album. The title, ‘Red, Green Or Inbetween’ is based on being stuck in limbo or in the ‘in-between’.”

‘King’s Cup’ has potential to be one of the stand out songs from the record, with prominent vocal’s from Clifford, singing about a previous tour incident. Potentially reminding audiences why he is such a passionate artist. The pop-punk quartet certainly aren’t hiding anything on this album. The album shows us that the band completed by Danny Swift, Kieren Alder and Alex Tobijanski, are here to stay. And they will be removing the ‘Break Stuff’ cover due to the fact they now have a complete and brilliant set of songs! The album simply showcases, each member’s talents and is a middle finger to the naysayers as 2017 will be WSTR’s year!