• Naomi Sanders

Trixie Mattel shows Country how it's done

Country’s not a genre of music that’s often associated with drag queens. When people think of drag musicians, their first initial thought goes to the many dance albums that RuPaul has done, or other Ru-girls like Alaska, and Adore Delano, making similar electronic albums. So it is odd to think that another Ru-girl, Trixie Mattel from Season 7, has created an album very different from the others out there.

The opening track of Mama Don’t Make Me Put On The Dress Again has a certain charm to it; simple yet effective chord structure, very good use of country instrumentation, i.e., doesn’t rely on a banjo to make it country. It continues with Mattel’s usual tongue-in-cheek attitude, and it’s nice to see that with the country genre. Make Up Your Mind has more of a rock edge to it, and Mattel’s voice has the power that’s needed for a song like this. I Know You All Over Again, again, has power in Mattel’s voice, but this type of power is needed for the solemn tone that is required for this song, with the instrumentation assisting this mood and theme. Seen My Man’s driving beat, as well as its simplicity, makes it one of the best tracks on the album. Using the violin as a countermelody is very clever, and makes the listener want to relisten to this track. I’ll Wear Your Ring, whilst soulful and soft, is the weakest song on the album, as there isn’t much that the instruments can do. It’s meant to be a slow song, but it sounds like it’s being weighed down, and it is a slog. However, the pace is brought back up with the song, Bluegrass. It does what it says on the tin, but there is both a sense of fun and sadness attached to it, that truly differentiates it, not only from other songs by drag queens, but from other country songs in general. Finally, Seen My Man (Wisconsin Demo) [Live], which is beautifully raw. The studio version of this song was already great, but somehow this demo version is even better, and brings truth to the phrase “save the best till last”. Overall, whilst it is different from a lot of other drag musicians in terms of genre, that doesn’t diminish the quality of this album. It is overflowing with with heart and soul, and there is something charming about all of it. With a majority of fantastic songs, each performed with passion and love for the music. This is something that all country fans, not just drag fans, can enjoy.