• Charlotte Claber

With Confidence Cast A Spell

Only half an hour until doors open, With Confidence are more than excited to see what Manchester has in store for them. Just over a year ago the band signed to Hopeless and they can only describe the past year for themselves as “Sick and Hectic”. “The year has been non-stop, we tried to keep busy before the Hopeless thing, touring, writing, all that. Since they announced us being signed though, everything has been stepped up.” Jayden goes on to explain everything is a constant, all the writing and touring is full time but everything they’ve ever wanted. Though the band have been to the UK before this run of shows is their first headliners and Josh recalls the fun they had on tour with As It Is but explains “it’s cool, they’re our own shows. More or less, the people here are familiar with our music.” Jayden adds that he enjoyed the As It Is shows too and can’t believe this time round they’re playing the same venues as well. Sound Control being one of the venues they’ve previously played as support, playing as a headliner shows how far they’ve come in such little time. “Both tours have been great for us, we’ve toured with great people and in fucking awesome countries!” With Confidence are supported by Safe To Say, Broadside and Milestones. They first met Safe To Say and Broadside on Vans Warped tour and explained they were just “Bands they really loved.” Milestones were suggested to them and liking what they heard they understood it made sense to have a UK band on the tour. Josh explains “We’re Australian, Safe to Say are Canadian, Broadside are American and Milestones are English. We all have different lingos and slang but it’s fun!”

Talking about their transition from EP recording to Album, Jayden says “it’s a lot more intense, all of us really wanted to do a good first album, it’s going to be there forever so we didn’t ever want to release something we’d regret. First few months of writing was hard, we all had such high expectations. None of the stuff we came up with really sold itself to any of us. One song came together and it all picked up from their.” Josh then adds “There was more time in the studio for us, experimentation was definitely a thing, we had the chance to make things a little more interesting. There were more times to change things up with slow songs like Long Night where it’s just Jayden really”. Keeper was chosen as a single as it was the first song they wrote for the album, We’ll be okay, was then the other side to the album. Jayden calls it “The Better Weather dynamic”. He then says “When we signed with Hopeless they knew we were choosing between these two and it just made more sense to start with a more up beat song. It shows the poppier side to the album.”

As Voldemort is the third single to be released and the band themselves are self confessed nerds, the question lay with us, if the band were any Harry Potter character, who would they be. Josh was quick to respond with the simple answer of “Luna Lovegood. She’s just so great.” Jayden took slightly longer but in response came up with the answer of Peeves, explaining “It’d be fun to just fuck around in Hogwarts all the time!”

Opening up with their hit Voldemort the crowd goes insane. Jayden took the time to explain the meaning behind the song. “This song has a bit of a story behind it. I’m a massive Harry Potter fan, such a nerd. But, actually this song was written for a friend that battled depression and mental illness. The idea of calling it Voldemort, I guess it’s the personification of depression. People don’t really want to talk about mental illness, it’s such a taboo in society and if anyone brings it up it’s a touchy subject, just like no one would talk about Voldemort, calling him He Who Must Not Be Named. In Harry Potter, the idea is that the more people say his name, the less they are scared of him”. Crowd surfers fly over the barrier and just as the band transition into the next song, guitarist Luke quickly stops the set to call out someone “Keep your hands to yourself”. Jayden reminds the crowd “With Confidence shows, and shows in general are a safe space. They are for fans to have fun and enjoy themselves”. The band quickly bounce back and play Archers, steaming through their set with a break for an impromptu rendition of Wonderwall after comments about the song from the crowd.

After chants of “One more Song”, the band are back offering to play two songs, London Lights slowing the set momentarily, written as a love song there’s endearment in the song. Closing the set with Keeper, fans sing their hearts and start pits whilst on stage the band look nothing but happy at the outcome of the night.