• Charlotte Hardman

Chats with With Confidence

Welcome back what’s it like being back in the UK?

Jayden: It feels cool. It’s very sudden because we were only here about 3 months ago but it’s cool to be able to do Slam Dunk and have some side shows to do as well. It’s a good opportunity and with Set It Off aswell, it’s pretty cool! Josh: It’s a little bit crazy right now, but we’re really happy to be here. I think people still want to go out and enjoy live music.

So it’s your second year at Slam Dunk - are you excited to be back?

We’re on a better stage this year aswell which is sick! Last year people turned up and we were stoked and we just weren’t expecting that. Hopefully this year people still turn up as I’m expecting more. It’s a bigger stage so I just think it’s going to be more fun.

What draws you guys back to the UK so much?

Wetherspoons. It’s true though, we really love Wetherspoons! It’s cheap and delicious and some of them are in buildings from like the 1600s. Well yeah and the shows.

As an album, better weather is so strong but what made you name it better weather?

We didn’t write in a direction when we were in the writing process it was just me and Ini predominantly writing the lyrics. We found at the end of the process that him and I were actually writing about very similar things and I guess being similar age and experiencing life in the same way we just found the songs were very similar. The dynamic was basically the highs and the lows of life and we felt that “Better Weather” encapsulated that. And it was also ripped off of the lyric from Voldemort which is “Despite the weather it gets better”.

Keys is incredibly emotional, can you talk us through what its about?

That’s Ini’s baby and I feel like we won’t do it justice. Essentially it was about his very close friend that decided to take her own life. Ini was really torn up about it and when that happens to someone so close to you, you’re dealing with a lot. At the time it happened he was trying to formulate a song that encapsulated what he was feeling, he went through a few songs and I remember him saying that others just weren’t doing it justice. Keys was the one he brought into band practice one day that just perfectly expressed how he felt. It paid tribute to someone who was really really close to him, and playing the song around the world means a lot to us but we know it means the most to him. It’s like travelling around the world and being able to bring her with us.

With incredibly personal songs, do you find it difficult to let them go and exist as pieces of art for people to interpret in their own way?

Yes and No. I’ve been on Genius.com and read our lyrics with the interpretations and some of them are just fucking funny. At first personally, when I was writing, I realised it is about being super personal because that is what people relate to. Sometimes it is a little hard to put yourself out there, for everyone to listen to and interpret but I guess for me, coming into the band and into Josh’s shed and me explaining I had these really strong feelings for a girl, or what I was going through helped me express through the song. We released it and it got easier through the albums, this is what we do. This is what With Confidence do. We express things that are very true, very personal and always very honest. All of our favourite music does that. You don’t really have a choice when you put it out, once it’s out you’ve kind of got to let people listen to it. A lot of good songwriters, write things that are open and honest enough that someone will still connect to it. Obviously if you made it so exact about what has happened to you, not many people will connect.

With so many pop-punk bands on the rise, do you ever feel it's difficult to get your voices heard?

Yes and no. There really are a lot of great bands out there and I like to believe we are doing something a little different. I think we have our own specific sound and in our writing process, bar maybe the very very early days, we’ve never really tried to sound like anyone else. We’ve always just been a collective grouping of our influences, and we’ve never gone into a practice saying oh I want to write a song that sounds like A Day To Remember. It’s just been a very natural combination of our influence, and we have got some weird influences. I think it all shines through rather than another pop punk band who sound like every other pop punk band. I don’t think we will always want to be a pop punk band either, I think we’ll just keep writing and just do what we like. We’ve been writing together for about 5 years, the stuff we were doing when we were 19 is so different to the stuff that we are doing now at 24. If we were the same people we were 5 years ago, I guess it’d be pretty bad.

Plans for new music or anything on the horizon? There’s plans yeah. We’re looking to lock in studio time before the end of the year and hopefully we’ll have started recording before New Years. We are constantly writing. We’ve been writing on the road all through the US and the headline UK tour. Collectively we’ve probably written about 20 songs just sitting, all the stuff we’ve been working on is because of what we’ve experienced in the last year. With the bands we’ve toured with and watched and the places we’ve been, the music I think has just naturally matured. I think it’s better musically and better lyrically. I think aswell, it’s bounds and leaps above Better Weather. And we’re gonna go jam that in my shed.

Okay so we have to leave it on a fun one and we know you guys all love Harry Potter so: what’s your favourite of the series and why?

Books or Films. Because they’re both very different. My favourite book might be… Half Blood Prince, maybe? I really enjoy it because it’s a combination of where they’re still at Hogwarts, which is my favourite part, at the same time, the writing’s more mature and it’s darker, and all this crazy stuff is happening. I need to rewatch them all before I answer this. Movie wise, I think Prisoner of Azkaban I just really enjoyed the way it was directed and it put a different spin on Harry Potter. I really like the new ones. The new ones are very cinematic.

If you all had to have one member of the band’s haircut, who’s would it be?

I like Ini when he had his long hair. I’d probably go with that but it’s a bit of a cop out because it hasn’t been like that for like 2 years. I’ll probably say Josh’s. Yeah I was gonna say the same thing. Lukes is pretty ratty, I don’t know how often he washes it! Also it’s the sort of Momager, “Can I see the Manager?” look.