• Naomi Sanders

LIVE REVIEW: Like Pacific at Camden Assembly

Standing at the back of the Camden Assembly, surrounded by many people my age, no one was sure what to think. As the band later stated themselves, this was only the 2nd time that they had played in the UK. The venue itself hyped people up with their choice of music before the band went on, varying in quality, from My Chemical Romance to Simple Plan, obviously trying to fit the pop-punk and emo theme of the night.

The energy certainly seemed to shift once the band came on for their first song, “Worthless Case”. Luckily, that was in a positive way, as there were fans joining in the songs at the front, and even casual listeners bopping their heads to the music. What made it better was how the band truly communicated with the audience, and with each other. They were all jumping and smiling whilst playing, and even Jordan, the vocalist, handed the mic many times over to the audience. Usually, it would seem like the band is being forceful, and trying to demand attention instead of commanding attention, a danger of any band, but the audience quickly warmed to the band, and so no one seemed to mind. Even the onstage banter was light-hearted, and showed how great these guys were, ranging from the utter disbelief in the good weather the UK was having, to expressing their love for Greggs and Wetherspoons, iconic English eateries. Even with the slightly somber tone when they introduced their song, “22A”, you could tell that this was a genuine emotion, and that these were real people, pouring out their hearts for everyone that would listen. With every song, “Richmond”, “Comittment” [sic], “Assisted Breathing”, “Scared”, and “Distant”, each brought a sense of excitement that can only be experienced when seeing these guys live, that by the time they announced it was the final song, you’re genuinely left shocked that the time has gone so quickly, and sad that the set is almost finished; very rare for any band to leave you feeling like that, let alone a band you hadn’t heard before. Plus, the inclusion of “Stay Pissed” as an encore song was ingenious; short, concise, yet energetic and fun, it delivered an extra spurt of fun to the set.

To summarise, this was an amazing show to see, and I implore anyone to catch these guys live, and listen to their stuff. It won’t easily be forgotten.