• Charlotte Claber

Milestones play a humble Home Show

Milestones take a break from a busy tour with Simple Plan to return to their North Western roots and play a show that can be described as nothing but humble. Local support came from Pine, Sullen State and Antihero, 3 bands who had the crowd moving and simply showed what’s coming from an already strong Liverpool scene and there was nothing but support for all of them.

For Milestones, the quick stop in a place not too far from home, unites fans, friends and family and showed nothing but dedication with fans flying in from Europe to support an already strong band. Quickly taking to the stage they opened with ‘Hindsight’ a quick start with no introduction needed, the room fills back up with the crowd pushing forward. They quickly prove why they were chosen for the huge tours that have taken them worldwide in only a couple months. Taking time to slow down the set, Matt John Clarke introduces ‘Shot In The Dark’ a song that resonates with fans. A broken bass strap means Mark Threlfall finishes the song laying on the stage, much to fans amusement but he shows true passion as he carries on.

Eden Leviston, Mark Threlfall and Jake Oseland quickly exit the stage leaving vocalist Matt alongside Andrew Procter to lead a heartfelt rendition of ‘Wonderwall’ in dedication to victims of the Manchester attack, an incident that hits home for the band. The sentiment echos round the room with Matt's voice leaving many with chills. After a quiet moment Andrew exits leaving Matt's vulnerability and vocal ability to take full focus. With a preview of new material, its clear that whatever Milestones is working on will be a stand out album. Leaving fans in silence, the raw but honest nature of the slow song captivates the sold out Buyers Club.

After taking a moment the jokes are flowing and the band are back on stage with another new song. A song that has already been featured in their current tour setlist “18” is a crowd pleaser but nothing is enjoyed more than their final song “Call Me Disaster”. As the band's strongest song, the power in the room is obvious with no one stood still, everyone sings out "one last time..."

All photography by Nick Neuenhaus