• Naomi Sanders

Linkin Park at Barclaycard Arena, 06/07/2017

To say the air around the arena was mixed was an understatement to say the least. Some who were there from Hybrid Theory, some recently with One More Light, some who were looking forward to everything, and some who were looking forward to everything BUT One More Light. All in all, a mixed bag, squeezed into standing and seating areas.

But once the first note of Talking To Myself played, it seemed as if a wave of calm, and excitement, surrounded the crowd, as everyone jumped up, and sang along, interesting reaction for a One More Light track. The next songs, Burn It Down, Catalyst, and Wastelands, truly shows the diversity of Linkin Park’s catalogue of music. However, the energy seemed to really pick up around One Step Closer, the first of the Hybrid Theory songs. Although Linkin Park are keen to have a different sound for each of their albums, and kudos for them for doing so, their strengths are with those early nu-metal sounding songs and albums, shown with each song from Hybrid Theory, Meteora, and Minutes To Midnight. Whilst songs like Castle of Glass, Good Goodbye, and Lost In The Echo were performed well, it seemed like a major shift in sound, from Download to Disney, so to speak. But that being said, there were some right moments for them, for example, when vocalist Chester Bennington dedicated the show to those involved in the Manchester attacks in May, and made a speech about love, accompanied by One More Light, as well as a very well-done piano version of Crawling, which equally shows the pain and anguish that the original did, but with a different perspective. Again, this seemed to be a perfect moment to include the recent, non nu-metal songs, so when Leave Out All The Rest, Somewhere I Belong, What I’ve Done and In The End played, they seemed the perfect songs to bring the energy up again, that when it came time to do the encores, songs like Sharp Edges and Heavy felt very out of place, and should have been played earlier in the set, with songs like Papercut, Numb, and Bleed It Out, feel better suited.

Overall, Linkin Park are a mixed-bag band, and it does depend on which sound you prefer of them. But it does clash, and setlist should have been looked at, as the difference between nu-metal and electric-rock is very jarring. In addition, whilst they had interactions with the audience, they didn’t seem to interact much with other members in the band, which would seem strange for fans watching; not even a passing glance from Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda. As stated, they do have their perfect moments, but most of them seem out of place. If you do get a chance to see Linkin Park, you should, but take it with a pinch of salt; not every song will be a hit, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be any at all.


Talking To Myself Burn It Down Catalyst Wastelands One Step Closer Castle of Glass Good Goodbye Lost In The Echo Battle Symphony New Divide From The Inside Invisible Waiting For The End Breaking The Habit One More Light Crawling Leave Out All The Rest Somewhere I Belong What I’ve Done In The End Faint Sharp Edges Numb Heavy Papercut Bleed It Out