• Naomi Sanders

Silverstein - Dead Reflection review

For a band that has been around since 2000, it’s difficult to keep up with the many times music trends have changed within this century. Some do it well, some not so well, and some do the Linkin Park route, and completely change their style! Silverstein, with their 9th album, are definitely one that do it well, with their latest effort, Dead Reflection. How, you may ask? You’ll see…

The opening track, Lost Looks, is a great opening track, with a fantastic riff on the guitar, with very good lyrics. However, Retrograde, seems to take a step down; music is still pretty good, but the lyrics seem disconnected from each other; as if they were good lines on their own, but stuck together, they have nothing to do with each other. Luckily, the album picks up again with Lost Positives, with more cohesive lyrics, as well as the music working well with them, creating an interesting atmosphere to listen to the track, including the synth that pops up in the chorus. Ghost is another great track, with a great guitar riff, in addition to the drums matching the riff rhythm. The lyrics on the song are very powerful, and are delivered as such. Aquamarine has a lighter sound, almost pop-punk-like, but it works to its advantage, with strong lyrics, and screaming that works with them. Mirror Box is a stand-out track, and a special mention to the producers of the album, and the sound technicians, as they especially shine on this track. This may be slow, but it’s still a powerhouse of a song. You can feel the emotion within this song, and it is truly fantastic. Demons has brilliant lyrics, especially within the chorus, but musically, it isn’t as strong as the other tracks, and the screaming on this feels disconnected from everything else within the song. The Afterglow, works better, with its lighter and brighter feel, as well as both the lyrics and vocals working well with the music. Cut and Run is truly the highlight of the album, and should be made a single, as it has a great drum rhythm, and the vocals and lyrics work much better together on this track. Secret’s Safe, whilst soft, again works to the band’s advantage. A fantastic guitar riff on this one, with brilliant lyrics, awesome drum beat, and a great matching of the vocals and synths. Whiplash is a great track as well; the music easily makes you want to headbang along to it, and both the lyrics and screaming together makes this song sound very powerful. Finally, Wake Up follows the tradition of ending an album with a slow song, but this one is on the better half of them, thanks to its great riff, the drums are excellent, lyrics fit great with the music, and the vocals give the needed emotion for this song, making it very emotional for the listener as well.

Overall, it’s a stellar effort from this Canadian band - true, not every song hits it out of the park, but they’re easy to skip, and you can still enjoy this brilliant album. It says a lot when the opening and closing tracks are really good, and the majority of the middle tracks exceed expectation. These five Canadians have been through a lot, especially in terms of lineup history, but this 9th album expresses all that, more, and then more than that. Give it a listen, maybe a few more listens after that, and enjoy this - you’ll surprise yourself with this, especially if you’ve never heard these guys before.

Dead Reflection is out 14th July!