• Naomi Sanders

Munro at The Limelight, Belfast, 15/07/2017

Limelight was an interesting place for a gig, to say the least, with a thin crowd, and most people choosing to sit down at the booths rather than standing in the pit area. Nonetheless, it didn’t deter the bands from performing, especially the band opening the whole show, Murno. It’s never easy to open up a show, but for their second gig ever, they truly knocked it out of the park.

Starting out with From Where I Am Standing, the mixture of the backing track with the main instruments from the trio proved an interesting and unique experience for all those watching, and and the band performed the song as great as it sounded on the record. Whilst most of the setlist contained songs from the band’s second album, “MonochRomantic”, that didn’t deter from a fantastic performance of Behind The Sunrise, featured on their first album, “Time Fuels Revenge”. Reveal The Frantic was an energetic song, with some of the best guitar playing from Jake Munro, with a diverse riff, and a very intricate solo, something that is spectacular to see live. MechAnimal shows off the diverse and eclectic sound of Munro, as it switches from slow and soulful, to fast and frantic, but this isn’t a bad thing; rather, they’re transitions that work well, and somehow so out of the box, that they fit within the song. This not only shows how diverse Munro’s inspirations are, with both classic and recent metal, but how close-knit the members are, showing how well they play together as a unit. With Emergence to close their show, they showed off how passionate they are for music, something that is great to see live, as well as how great the band chemistry is between all of them, on and off stage. However, if there is anything to find fault with, and this would be nitpicking, it would be something that had nothing to do with the band, but with the arena. The levels for the vocals, especially in MechAnimal, seemed very off; you could easily hear the screaming vocals, but when it came to sung vocals, they were washed under the rest of the instruments. Whether it’s the dreaded “Curse of the Support Band”, or something else entirely, that’s something to determine elsewhere

Overall, Munro delivered a fantastic performance, and it is very obvious that all of them, Jake Munro, Gaz Wilson, and Lyubomir Ahtapodov, all had a passion for music. Whilst they each could have a list of what they thought went wrong in their performance, from the audience perspective, we couldn’t tell; an enjoyable show, and something that everyone should see. Be sure to catch them next time they play; it’ll be an experience you’re unlikely to forget.


From Where I'm Standing

Behold the Sunrise

Reveal the Frantic


Zero Day Attack



Munro are currently working on their 3rd album.

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