• Charlotte Claber

TedFest 2017 is coming

TedFest is an independent alternative and hardcore festival held August 4th at The Magnet in central Liverpool. Ted MacDonald, 19, started the festival in 2016 with friends as he said “I am sick of bands not wanting to come to Merseyside for whatever reasons, I wanted to change that”. The team behind the festival that support Ted and his initiative are all local +students looking to make their way into the music business through different ventures. The team helping build the festival in 2017 is completed by Adam McCarter.

“As the city that founded The Beatles, why aren’t we doing enough to showcase local bands from different genres.” Ted explains “All genres should be important, creating a basis for this then attracts other bands, potentially even bigger bands, enhancing Liverpool’s reputation as a city for arts.” The current lineup features up and coming talents such as Sullen State, Crossroads, Taxi For Bob, Mummy, Rosalene, Nycosia and Lotus Eater. The bands all have great experience and many are no stranger to the local scene.

Second headliner comes in the form of ANTIHERO, a Liverpool based band with a passion for their home scene and genre. When asked about TedFest, Theo responded with “We always try to keep ANTIHERO as DIY and as real as possible, from the recording of the debut EP to filming videos and creating artwork or designs. TEDFEST feels exactly the same in that sense. It's a homegrown Liverpool festival set up by local lads who took a massive chance on their first event by booking the bands they did. We've all attended and played a load of shows and one day festivals around Liverpool before that have been set up by large and experienced promotion companies with money. As good as they were, they didn't compare to the originality and experience we all got from TEDFEST. The show was promoted so well that every band had a great crowd straight from doors opening. The event gave our band a platform for what is probably the wildest show we've ever played, and it was all on our doorstep. That's why TEDFEST is important for Antihero and for the whole of Liverpool. For the cities bands and music lovers in general. It's the exact representation of how these shows should be.”

Headliner comes from Counting Days, though not a local band, the band show a passion for independence. Not shy to the festival circuit including days like Download Festival, the band have a great live atmosphere that allows everyone to get involved. A band that promises to bring spirit to the day, Turn It Up Louder can’t wait to see what the band have instore for this intimate Liverpool venue.

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