• Charlotte Claber

Interview with Jason and Nick of Energy

Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, this 5 piece have recently toured round our fairly small island of the United Kingdom, taking on each city by storm! We got to chat to guitarist, Nick Sullivan, and vocalist, Jason Tankerly, about their recent EP, Under The Mask, and...well, take a look for yourselves! 

You guys just released your new EP "Under the Mask" and you're touring the UK, how are you feeling and what emotions are circulating? Jason Tankerly: Nervousness, we're playing one of our songs live for the first time EVER, so that's always fun and exciting! This place looks really cool it looks like a place our band would play, I think anyway.  I already see a bunch of familiar faces from when we were last here with Creeper. I'm just looking forward to playing.

Nick Sullivan: I'm excited as well, I'm excited to be back here, great to see everyone again, friends we've made before, and new friends we've made.

Do you feel this is the strongest Energy have been?

J: Yes without a shadow of doubt, we were actually talking about this in the van on the way here, this really does feel like the most cohesive, focused, just right group of people in energy right now. We're touring consistently, we're releasing new music, I think if you look at the timeline of our band this is the probably the most productive period so far.

N: Yes, I agree totally, I feel like as a band, we work together quite well, we get along very well and it helps us to be more productive. 

Under The Mask  is quite the mixture of genre sounds, what are the backgrounds to the songs and were there any influences? J: Yeah completely,the EP is a complete mixture. The Witching Hour was a song title before it was a song, I just always wanted to write a song called the witching hour, purely because it just sounded cool, so I did. Under The Mask, that song is heavily influenced by Danzig, Black Sabbath and even Ghost. The interlude; there's a theme and concept that runs through the EP and the interlude kind of secures that and helps it to run smoothly, then there's the cracks of thunder and rain, which leads into A Prayer For Rain, so lyrically alot of it ties together, but sound wise I always just loved when you don't know what the next song is going to sound like. If you feel like you know what the next song is going to sound like then to me that's a boring listening experience. So I mean we just like mixing it up. 

N: As far the diversity of sound on the EP, something that makes everyone in the band happy is that we don't have one particular sound we aim for, we write what we want. We're not aiming for something, we're just producing music. 

There has been a lot of debate about the interlude circulating social media currently, about it being pointless or being genius, how does that feel to you? J: Yeah, I don't mind if people think something is pointless or not, but some particular publication said something along the lines of an accusation that our PR manufactured it, they made it seem like it was a little phony, and it was forced to create some sort of aesthetic and to create an image around the band. Which couldn't have been further from the truth. Its just part of the continuity of the record.

N: As far as the track goes, it goes back to the same thing I said before, we write what we want ,we're having fun, we enjoy it and we hope everyone else does too. We're not going to please everyone out there and we know that. 

J: What It was, our producer muted the tracks and just drums and ebo were playing, with just a room mic and we all stopped and were like that's so cool and I had the idea of a rain theme, which was a good lead into A Prayer For Rain so it was very much organic and not manufactured at all.

So energy has been round for over a decade now, that must be a surreal feeling, how do you feel about the evolution of the band, and how that has altered the strength of the band?  J: I mean, it has definitely made me stronger as a song writer because, I've had to preserve on my own, just thought the past 11 and a half years. As far as the sound of the band has changed, I don't even think about that, wow, the sound constantly changes like 5 years from now our record wont sound as they do now. In the past there has been specific key song writers for records, who really defined the sound on a record, well on each record to be honest who have each shaped the sound.

Energy recently toured with Creeper in the spring , what kind of experience was that and how do you feel it promoted the band?  J: I feel that it was one of the best things to happen to us, probably the best. Those shows were nuts! They were pack, I think most or all shows were sold out. It was surreal to perform our songs in front of that many people, just mind blowing! The loving embrace of everyone over here, they were really supportive like they clearly thought to themselves, oh this opening band are pretty good I'm gonna go buy some of their stuff. Coming back its great cause I'm seeing so many familiar faces of people who I know discovered us through that exposure with  Creeper N: It was great! We made friends with them last July, my previous band I was in before Energy got to open for them and we became friends with them. I actually wasn't very familiar with them, so once we had the opportunity to tour with them I was so excited because we've made great friends with them so it was just nice to hit the road with 10 friends, that was my favourite part, just hanging out with people who live across the ocean who you don't get to see everyday.

Was their a specific choice in having Miss Vincent as a support act? J: I think it was Nick's choice, he dealt with the supports.

N: Yeah, it was, so when we were on the creeper tour, this tour was being set up. We were face to face with our booking agent who was talking supports and I had taken a personal liking to Miss Vincent, I liked them a lot, they're a great band, so I followed up on them about them maybe being interested in supporting us and they were totally up for it. It came together nicely and happened really easy. I speak on behalf of everyone in the band, It was definitely a good choice, they're an amazing band!

Anything to say to fans? J: If you have been here from the beginning, thank you so much for sticking with us, like its been a long time, there are people inside who I know have been here for the past 10 years. But to anyone who appreciates us, fans from day one or yesterday, we appreciate your appreciation a lot.

N: Yeah, I could say the same, thank you for the support. And I could say to everyone stay tuned and stick around for this new line up because its only the beginning, we have a lot of stuff planned for the future! 

Energy's new EP, Under The Mask, is out now!