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Interview with Miss Vincent

Miss Vincent; a very interesting punk rock group with a few EPs and songs to their name. We caught up with vocalist and guitarist Alex Marshall, and guitarist Lawrie Pattison on their recent run supporting Energy earlier this month herein the UK…

How has the tour been with Energy so far?

Alex: Its been great, we're about half way through now, we've had a wicked time everynight!

Lawrie: Its been alot of fun!

A: We've been back to some of out favourite places and we are going to some new places, like tonight we've never played The Key Club.

L: Its been a while since we last played leeds so we're pretty excited. So far we've done Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Glasgow and Newcastle I think Glasgow was probably the best show so far, that was the one I enjoyed the most, yeah Glasgow just had a really good atmosphere to be honest. I just really enjoyed playing that night the audience were wild.

A: Yeah and you know, It was the first time we've been back there in 3 years.

Whats the reason behind the EP's name "Reasons not to Sleep" ?

A: We really struggled to name that EP, Reasons not to sleep, Lawrie actually came up with that.

L: Yeah, well really we write the songs first and then name them after depending on how they kinda turn out in the end. Alex will just bash out a demo and then name it, sometimes those names stick and sometimes they wont, but with an EP, you dont have a title before the songs. The EP is named after the songs, which are about those things that keep you awake at night, the things you worry about or what you think about when you cant sleep.

A: Yeah pretty much all those horrible things in your head.

What were the influences and behind meanings to the songs of the EP?

A: Oh, there were so many. Like Musically or Lyrically? Like how long have you got, I could talk about that EP for about six hours straight, I'll explain lyrically, Lawrie can do musically. Lyrically, it pretty much related back to the title. When we were doing press for that EP I dont think I clocked how dark it is lyrically. We were doing an interview in Edinburgh, and the guys question was like "Theres a lot of self depricating theme in the Ep and you are pretty hard on youreself, are you alright?" And I was just like Well its just whats going on in my head now man. So lyrically its just what was going on in my head and how I was feeling, yeah I am very hard on myself with a lot of things and that just comes out when I write so yeah in terms of that kinda thing theres no real story to the EP but there are certainly alot of themes, its basically the contents of my head in music form.

L: I guess musically we kind of made the effort to go harder, darker, faster, than the EP before, I kind of see testing times a kind of jump off point from the first EP, we were like lets do more of this, so we did. But yeah its all of the same influences from bands that we've been into, Alkaline trio AFI, etc.

Where did the band name 'Miss Vincent' come from?

A: The number of times I've answered this question, so, I am a big Alkaline Trio fan, they have a song, in which the name Miss Vincent is mentioned. So being a HUGE fanboy I thought there was some cool meaning behind it, so I googled it, and there wasnt really that much of an extensive story behind it. I did find a whole different story about a woman called Joyce Vincent who lived in london, she was about 42 years old and she died wrapping christmas presents and watching Tv, nobody found her until after 2 years later and when they found her the TV was still on, the lights were still on, and theres quite and extensive documentary about it, and it just touched me so I ended up writing a song called 'Miss Vincent' which was the first song we ever released, we then decided to take the song name as the band name, so tadah.

Favourite and Least favourite performance experiences?

A: Favourite: in London this year at our EP show, I'll choose a specific moment of that show. We have a slow song on the EP, and we were humming and ahhing about playing it, we ended up playing it, and it got to this bit in the pre chorus and I started singing it and I then realised that EVERYONE in the crowd was singing it back just as loud as I was, 1week after the EP was out, it hit me like a brick wall and it just made me feel so good. It was a buzz.

Least Favourite: Theres been a few pretty terrible moment, this isnt my all time least favourite, but Im gonna go with it cause it's pretty fresh in my mind, but the other night in newcastle, the lighting for the stage was so bright, they were shining right into my eyes, so when I stopped looking into the crowd, the black spots that you get in your eyes when you look at bright lights we so big, I just couldnt see, I was literally blinded, I couldnt see my fret board, so I played blid basically. I even read the next song out wrong cause I looked down at my setlist and I was like, I cant even read that, so it was a pretty uncomfortable show.

L: Least favourite: I think my least favourite show was one from a few years back, Owain was supposed to be leaving the band for personal reasons.And the second to last show we were supposed to be playing with him was in London, and I spent that entire show thinking "This is the last show were gonna play with him" because the last show we were playing was aslong side Bayside, and I just couldnt be sad about that show, so I was really bummed out at that London show, I almost cried when we were loading out. But he's still around and as annoying as ever. Lucky us.

"Somewhere Else" EP is out now!