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Album Review - Laika by SAMOANS

Sophomore efforts are very difficult to make; not just because the process of writing, recording, mixing, and distributing is a serious effort that many bands and producers should be credited for more often, but also the pressure of following up their debut, especially a well received one, with another that can match that equally, or do better than the previous. Luckily, SAMOANS accomplish that fantastically with their own sophomore album, Laika.

It’s easy to hear the bands that have influenced Dan, Chris, Calvin, and Oli, the quartet that make up SAMOANS, ranging from Radiohead and Nirvana, all to the likes of Nine Inch Nails; but whilst those influences are there, SAMOANS also takes inspiration from Philip K Dick, the sci-fi writer, adding to the theme of the album, referencing the first dog into space. Songs like “Template for a New Identity”, and “Patience” keep up that 90’s sound, but also displaying the talent of the band, with “Template for a New Identity” showcasing a fantastic bass line. The lyrics showed a lot of intelligence within the bands; equally powerful, as well as flowing well, though sometimes a little difficult to hear - only criticism. The vocals convey them perfectly, especially on songs like "Monuments" and "Satellites", tieing this album together brilliantly, and a joy to listen to from start to finish, to the bonus track, which will not be spoilt here, but do keep an ear out for it.

Overall, a fantastic album that so many people need to hear. Whether or not this is a grunge comeback, or a new fusion of the many sounds of 90’s rock, this is something that so many people need to go out, get this, and listen at least 8 times, maybe 9. These guys are releasing amazing rock music, so keep an eye out for this band - they’re going on to amazing things!

SAMOANS are on tour this month, and in November:

TOUR DATES: 22/09/17 London - Notting Hill Arts Centre 23/09/17 Cardiff - Clwb Ifor Bach 29-30/09/17 Swansea Fringe - Horizons Stage 09/11/17 Bristol - Hy-Brasil Music Club 13/11/17 Brighton - The Green Door Store 14/11/17 London - The Old Blue Last 16/11/17 Birmingham – The Flapper

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