• Naomi Sanders

FOUR YEAR STRONG - Some of You Will Like This, Some of You Won’t Review

It’s not often that bands do a stripped-down album, and even less often for one to be considered good. So not much is expected with this latest offering from pop-punk band, Four Year Strong. But with a strong back-catalog themselves, it would at least be an interesting experience, whatever it sounded like. As it turns out, their latest album, Some of You Will Like This, Some of You Won’t, is surprising, but in a good way. Each song, whether a reworked classic, or an original, is performed in an interesting and unique way, with every song having something different about them to distinguish them from the others, and are all enjoyable to listen to. Songs like “Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die”, “This Summer Session”, and “It Must Really Suck To Be Four Year Strong Right Now” display an intelligence behind the band in their lyrical writing, sometimes playing tongue-in-cheek, whilst others are very moving, and truly convey the emotion needed for each track. The reworking of the instrumentation, like in “Stuck In The Middle”, “We All Float Down Here”, and “Abandoned Ship” match they lyrics, and work well with what each song tries to convey. But the best of the album comes from the vocalists, Alan Day, and Dan O’Connor, as their harmonies make the album, and one you should listen to again, shown in songs like “Go Down In History”, “Let Me Down Again” and the album’s magnum opus, “For Our Fathers”, with the latter being a true stand out; beautiful in its simplicity, with amazing harmonies, and lyrics that hit home about the appreciation of one’s father. Only criticism is the track, “Who Cares?”, where the instrumentation isn’t clearly transitioned well, as the fuzz of the electric guitar clashes hard with the rest of the instrumentation, causing it to sound disjointed and confused.

Overall, a fantastic album - it's not often you hear a punk band to an acoustic album, but Four Year Strong pull it off very well. Reworking their classic tracks into something that you would hear on MTV Unplugged isn’t easy, but the new songs work well with the new instrumentation, and all the members put their heart and soul into this. It shows, and it’s worth checking out for that.

Some of You May Like It, Some of You Won't is out now!