• Charlotte Claber

Loathe Tear Manchester Apart

Loathe, are on a fast train that won’t be stopping any time soon and their show at Satan’s Hollow confirmed that for many. On their longest headliner to date the band are playing far and wide with a great reaction at every date as confirmed by Erik Bickerstaffe “Amazing, turnouts been ridiculous, it’s been really overwhelming!”. After having played Destruction Derby with so many bands they are sure to have looked up to, the band’s stage presence has even stepped up a level with Bickerstaffe adding “Playing bigger stages were really cool as we always play really weird clubs.”

These three final dates include Lotus Eater, a band with one EP that hits hard. Chosen for the tour for their work previously with Erik and their friendship the band are said to “share the same sort of vibe and gel well” and it is confirmed why they’re picked when they step on stage. An enigmatic presence, silence hits as the band kick into their first song "Dead To Me". A set filled with dynamic power the band smashed through their debut EP and leave many wanting more. Previously mentioned by Bickerstaffe, Gloom is a high point of the set “Gloom, it goes off, people enjoy the set but when Gloom kicks off so does everyone else.” This is confirmed quickly with the cheers when the first effect kicks in. It is with no doubt that Lotus Eater are a talented band with the future holding much more for them.

“Loathe is the feeling of how the music makes me feel. Anyone who understands our music and listens to it gets that. I think the music speaks for itself and so does the image.” explains vocalist Kadeem France. This sets the tone for their fast paced set. Crowd roars, and pits open as they start “The Cold Sun” and quickly transition into “It’s Yours”. This song was the first video the band released when preparing their full length album and also one of the most well known by fans with Kadeem adding “It’s my favourite to play live”. Another quick change and the band continue on with “Dance On My Skin”. The pace quickly picking up as the crowd warm up it is now obvious why the band have been chosen to support Bury Tomorrow on their UK tour. Songs like “Stigmata” show great power in terms of vocals and present well in these environments. The rawness of the song shines through and creates a beautiful atmosphere.

With a brief introduction of themselves to the crowd, the band smash through most of their album and EPs in a high octane and high energy set. There is no silence at any point and no dull moment. The aggression and passion in the band's set quickly takes over the room with many wanting more. The band play earlier material from “Prepare Consume Proceed” including ‘Rest; In Violence’ which seems to go down extremely well with the room.

Only a handful of songs missed from the band's discography and this was explained by Erik who said “We look at it based on the venues we’re playing and how high energy they need to be. Then when we play bigger we can change things up.” and the merseyside based band will undoubtedly be playing these bigger venues in years if not months. Overall Loathe are a band that present themselves with years beyond themselves. They don’t struggle getting crowds on their feet and have the ability to make a 100 capacity venue feel like one ten times the size with their presence and attitude.