• Charlotte Claber

The Gospel Youth Preach In Manchester

With two bands that have spent months away, Milestones and The Gospel Youth return to UK touring with a co-headliner. As bands that have quickly come to attention of many for their catchy pop-punkesque riffs it was a disappointment to see such an empty room at Sound Control. However, this didn't stop The Gospel Youth entering the stage with bundles of energy. 

Entering with 'I Will Deliver You To The Fireflies' the room lights up with smiles as front man Sam Little's vocals warm the room. A sense of happiness emanates in his tone and the room sway with Kurtis Maiden bringing power to the band on drums. The band completed by Julian Bowen, Kev Deverick and James Dixon show let their individual talents prevail kicking into 'Gin and Black Coffee' another song that keeps the crowd moving and on their feet. Flying through a quick paced set the band show no signs of slowing down.

'Your Love Was A Cancer' had the crowd singing from the top of their lungs, the moment of realisation shines in Sam Little's face and he knows they're more than welcome in Manchester. By this point the band are all in full swing and warm up to everyone quickly. Bringing back pre-album favourites like 'The Hospital Blues You Gave To Me' there’s no motionless bodies to be seen.

Entering into their final song Little’s attempt at comedy brings laughter to many as he says “Someone tell me never to wear a hoodie on stage again as...” leading into the culminating ‘Moods Like English Weather’. A set that was short and sweet left fans feeling incomplete and yearning for more. There is no doubt that if the quintet returned soon the venue would be again surrounded by adorning fans as this is what they simply deserve.