• Naomi Sanders

Frank Iero & The Patience at The Key Club, Leeds, 22/09/2017

The crowd outside The Key Club stretched round down the road, not seeming to care that it was a typical rainy day in the City of Leeds. As a rainbow shone overhead, it was clear that only good things were to come tonight.

First up was Paceshifters, hailing all the way from The Netherlands, this was a band that gave it their all. Energetic, never missing a beat, and more importantly, worked together as a band, as their harmonies worked wonders in their songs. Lucky for them as well, they didn’t suffer under the Curse of the Opening Band! After them was The Homeless Gospel Choir - surprising to then see a guy with an acoustic guitar! Singing a lot of protest songs, giving most of them a realistic, but comedic edge to them, it was a jarring juxtaposition to go from Paceshifters to this. Whilst punk in its own way, with lyrics defying those who hate, or have a fixed idea on what is normal, the actual musicality seemed very lackluster compared to those before and after. But well done anyway. Next was Dave Hause & The Mermaid, differing in style once again, but this time matching the energy of what was needed. More on the rock ‘n’ roll style, it was obviously influenced by artists like Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, and Bruce Springsteen. Fun, whilst also emotional in more ways than one - not just with the song, “Heavy Heart”, quiet but poignant, but also with the song “Dirty Fucker”, obviously attacking a certain orange, small-handed American politician. Like Paceshifters, this was another band that people should see more of, and garner more attention. Finally, Frank Iero & The Patience entered the stage. From the get-go, starting strong with “World Destroyer”, the crowd were jumping and moving, very excited that they were there. Frank wasn’t just entertaining as a musician, but the banter between him and the audience was fun as well, especially before the encore when the audience chanted the ever-classic “Oh Jeremy Corbyn”, where Frank also made a joke about a certain US politician. Entertaining through and through, a perfect way to end the show.

Overall, tonight wasn’t just a fantastic show, it was a party, full of enjoyment and energy from both the audience and the bands and artists performing. Certainly an unforgettable show, anyone in attendance of any other future shows will be memorable for all the right reasons.


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