• Naomi Sanders

SWMRS + support at Key Club Leeds, 30th September

Another sold out show for The Key Club in Leeds, filled to the brim with people all excited to see the pop-punk quartet from Oakland, California. But before they could jump onto the stage, Fang Club performed first, with an energetic start to the show. Their raw sound captured the punk sound that rang throughout the whole night, and they’re a band that people should go listen to. Only concerns were whether they had suffered under the Curse of the Support Band, as the bassist was difficult to hear. Another concern was that the band were too focused on getting the songs out great, which they were, but that didn’t leave enough time for a connection with the audience, which would have been nice to have seen. After them came along the female-fronted band, The Regrettes, who turned the energy up even more! All of them were having fun on stage, interacting with the crowd, even the frontwoman performing in amongst the audience. It was easy to tell that this was their element, and their music sounded amazing as well! This, if anything else, is another band that should get a lot more recognition, and people should definitely listen to. Finally, the Oakland guys bounced upon the stage, playing many songs from their album, Drive North, in celebration of that album era passing, as well as a few covers sprinkled here and there. In addition to the great songs performed brilliantly, the members of the band worked especially well together, playing off each other, and it could be easily seen how close-knit they all are. The encore, including the song “Miley”, brought a brilliant end to a fantastic show. If I had to nitpick, it’s that it could have easily been in a bigger venue - no disrespect to the Key Club, they’re a fantastic venue, but there was a lot of people pushing to the front, that extra space would have had a warm welcome.

Besides those qualms, this was an enjoyable gig, and couldn’t have gone better for any of the members of all the bands! All were thoroughly enjoyable, and it was inevitable that all the audience would see these bands again. It will be interesting especially for SWMRS to see where they’ll go from here as they begin their next stage as a band, but we can only sit back and wait in anticipation.

"Drive North" is out now! SWMRS will be co-headlining a tour in the US with The Interrupters.

Tickets available here: http://m.bandsintown.com