• Naomi Sanders

‘Gossip’ by Sleeping With Sirens Review

Coming off their Download set this year, Sleeping With Sirens recently released their 5th studio album, ‘Gossip’, after a popular lead single ‘Legends’, which was announced to be used as Team USA’s theme for the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics. As stated, the band went for a more pop-inspired sound with this album, stepping away from their usual post-hardcore sound. But do they make this a smooth transition?

One thing to notice in this album is how little there are of songs that feel complete. By that, there are a lot of songs that seem to have one element or another that should have had more work on it, and doesn’t feel like they were finished before the release date. For example, songs like “Gossip”, “Trouble”, and “Hole In My Heart” containing very generic, uninspiring lyrics, with the song “Cheers” using the already cliched line of “march to a beat of a different drum”. Another example is that the melody and vocals, especially in songs like “Trouble”, which has a very odd effect on the vocals all the way through, and “The Chase”, which unfortunately shows how autotuned the vocals are. For the most part, the rhythm and instrumentation are the only consistently great thing in all of the songs; that is, until we hit “War”, which feels like it should be harder than it sounds. The pop/pop-punk sound doesn’t fit right with the song, and feels like it needs harder and louder instrumentation to match the powerful lyrics. On the positive side, songs like “Empire To Ashes”, “Closer”, and “I Need To Know” are the real stand out tracks of the album, and really worth the listen. Overall, this mis-match of an album is an interesting journey to get through. There’s always something that holds each song back, and does make the album feel incomplete. It’s a shame, as Sleeping With Sirens have proven that they can do better. It is a good try at something new and different, but if the band really work on the elements noted, especially in this new sound, they can easily make an even better album. But this album, ‘Gossip’ is a little disappointing. Aspired to so much, but delivered only a little.

'Gossip' is OUT NOW