• Naomi Sanders

Bronnie at The Key Club, Leeds, 19/10/2017

Key Club, a familiar sight for seeing interesting artists and exciting bands performing in a small location to an energetic crowd. This was the scene for Thursday night, warm from the rain outside, and excited for what was to come. True, it’s never easy to perform in the middle of the gig - they have to deliver the same, if not higher, energy from the opening band, but also has to be memorable enough to not be overshadowed by the headliner. Bronnie’s performance that night certainly achieved those things, and truly delivered an outstanding performance.

Whilst a little off-putting, and initially confusing that there was no live band performing with her, instead choosing to use a backing track for all of the set, but it somehow worked because Bronnie could pull it off. She had the energy and personality to rise above the backing track, and successfully got the crowd jumping and singing along to her songs. From covers like an interesting Stacy’s Mom/Teenage Dirtbag mashup, and a punk version of Shout Out To My Ex, to her own songs like Social Rejex, High School Sucks, So What, and Screw You, each were delivered with a punch and fire needed for the crowd. Bronnie is a fantastic performer, not only because of her unique songs, and different take on the pop punk genre, but also by really interacting with the crowd, having fun as much as they were, and being a genuine person on stage, something not seen a lot by other solo artists in her field.

All in all, as a warm up to her upcoming headlining tour in January, this is a great example of the power and raw vitality that’s coming in the new year. She’s proven that she can take on a crowd in a support role imagine what she can be like when she’s the main act!

Bronnie is heading out on her headlining tour in January!