• Naomi Sanders

Interview with Bronnie

Coming off her support with Little Mix, and announcing a headlining tour for January, Bronnie only seems to be on the up and up. From Liverpool to the rest of the UK, there doesn’t seem to be anything stopping her. We caught up with her to chat about her upcoming tour, new EP, and...Shrek, of all things!

You’re currently touring in support of Over Atlantic - how is it going so far?

It’s going really well; it’s crazy ‘cos last time Over Atlantic were on tour, it was literally this time last year - that’s when we all met. We’ve all stayed friends since then, it’s just great, we always keep in contact; they’re great guys, so it’s really great being on tour with friends. Recently, you’ve performed in support of X Factor group, Little Mix - how did that feel?

It was so sick - it was crazy because it was ten thousand odd people, and it was just crazy! When people say “Oh it’s like a sea of people, like ants”, it’s literally so true! They were all getting into it as well, which was really cool, and Little Mix as well, they’re so lovely; we were all in catering, hanging out together - yeah, they’re just really genuine people, so it’s nice to meet really lovely people in the industry to work with, so it’s great.

First headlining tour as well in January - are you excited?

Yes! I’m very excited. It’s just so crazy because I’ve been touring for a year now, in support roles, so finally getting to do your headline tour is a really big deal, especially people at my level, so yeah, it’s great, and it’s been selling really well! London’s nearly sold out, so it’s just crazy!

What inspired you to start making music, more specifically pop-punk music?

I started singing and doing musical theatre when I was 8 years old, and I always loved the musicals like “We Will Rock You”, those kind of rocky kind of musicals. So when I was 15, I was kind of deciding in high school “Do I want to do musical theatre?”, “Do I want to do music, no singing?”, and I’ve just always loved bands like Blink-182, Green Day, Sum 41, and all these bands, especially Bowling For Soup, so I thought I want to do the music part, especially bands like McFly, and Busted got me into songwriting, so I think that’s a really important factor when starting out, make sure you’re songwriting, ‘cause songwriting, you kind of figure out what path you want to do, so pop-punk, and I just love it! I wouldn’t really want to do any genre for the sake of it; I just like doing pop-punk.

You’ve done a punk cover of “Shout Out To My Ex”; if you could do other ‘pop-goes-punk’ covers, which songs would you do?

It would have to be a boy band song, like a Take That song, or a 911 song; I’d so do a cover of “Everybody” by Backstreet Boys; that’d be sick!

You have an EP, Social Rejex, out now - what was the writing process like for that?

That was a weird one because I wrote those songs when I was 17, just in my bedroom, not knowing that they would ever get released onto an EP, or anything, just in my room. It was last year, I recorded “High School Sucks”, and then I just started to record “Imaginary Friend”, “Social Rejex”, and I was just like “Ok, think it’s time to release an EP”, and those songs, it felt right to just put them out there. It’s kind of how we came about!

You also have a YouTube channel - do you think that using social media is a great way for bands and musicians to get their name and sound out there?

Yeah, definitely! I think putting your own spin on covers is important, ‘cause that’s what I did a few years back, and I got noticed by Ryan Seacrest, McFly, Louis Thomlinson; they were like “Aw, we like how you’re different”; so getting people to recognise me through that was great, and then I think since doing that, touring - that played a massive factor into getting fans, ‘cause I think especially when you meet fans in person, it’s so much more personal. Yeah, I think touring’s great, social media is great; I think we’re all very lucky in this day and age, ‘cause in the 70’s, you literally had to go out, do gigs, whatever, and now you can literally just contact people on Facebook, invite them to groups, and Twitter and all that. It’s great.

We have some fan questions for you - @xamyhelena16x asks: What’s your one main goal in the singing industry?

To help people. The music I’m releasing, it’s for people who are kind of like the outcasts, the social rejects and all that. I get loads of messages from fans going through really hard times, so I want to help them through my music, and just play it in front of anyone who will see me until I’m 90, or something! Don’t want to stop!

@HopefullyKelsey asks: What’s your favourite thing about being a musician?

The same thing really; helping people, especially touring and just meeting so many people in the industry who are literally in the same boat as you! It’s just great.

@takethatandlove asks: If you could go to any concert in the past, who’s would it be?

Definitely be a Queen concert, with Freddie. ‘Cause that would be amazing, or George Michael gig, ‘cause that would be cool!

They also ask: What one song would you say is the soundtrack to your life?

My happy song is Hall & Oates “Make My Dreams Come True” [sic], or Barbie Girl!

@ShrekLuvBronnie asks: How much do you love Shrek?

10 out of 10, I love Shrek! He is bae! That account is so funny on Twitter - they edit photos of Shrek in all my photos, it’s ace!

@SabbathCostello asks: How does it feel to have fans tattoo your lyrics?

It’s the best feeling ever because you definitely know that those lyrics mean a lot to them, and plus it’s less pain for me to get them tattooed! It’s just amazing; every time I see a fan on Twitter, and they got my lyrics tattooed on them, I get shivers! I can’t believe they put my lyrics on them forever!

@GraceisTrash10 asks: Best thing about travelling?

Seeing the world. Before touring, I had never been to Glasgow, Edinburgh, Bristol, Brighton; I’ve only been to London a few times, so it’s just great travelling around, and also in America as well; I’ve been to 42 states of America now, so it’s just great seeing everything and everyone.

Finally, as stated, you’re heading out on your own headlining tour in January - do you have any other plans for the future?

Yes, loads; I just don’t want to stop! So I’ll be releasing new music very soon, I’m recording my second EP in November/December, so that will be released first half of the year. I wanna get on bigger tours; my dream tours would be supporting All Time Low, Blink, Green Day; all these epic bands. I’m really getting into Waterparks, and SWMRS, and those kind of bands, so I’d love to support them, and gig with them!

Bronnie will be heading out on her first headlining tour in January!