• Charlotte Claber

Crossroads Break Through

We interviewed Alex Espley (Lead Vocalist &Guitar) And Andrew Johnston (Backing Vocalist&Guitar) from Liverpool Bound Crossroads at their latest performance along side Charly Bliss. We had a laugh and spoke about their new upcoming EP

You're a pretty productive band right now, you've supported quite a few bands on their tours and the making of your new EP. How does it all feel? Andrew Johnston: It feels exciting, supporting bands that I know, in venues that I've seen bigger bands headline. It feels exciting, just starting off playing gigs in Maguires, a pizza bar down in town. I love it don't get me wrong, but playing studio 2, its amazing it really is! Alex Espley: Yeah its cool to play shows that people just sort of resonate with. If you can get a good crowd down to one show, that bands gonna like you. Its always just a chill enviroment. Its great I love it! How are you all feeling about releasing your new EP? Andrew Johnston: Its great! We didnt write the EP as a whole, we started off with tracks. We started with Flatlined; we didnt really like it because it didnt really fit with the style of the EP so we released it as a a single. Then we recorded Break in The Waves, and then all the other songs. Alex Espley: Essentially 'Flatlined' was too much of a happy song for the EP, and we don't write songs. Andrew Johnston: Basically, Flatined we wrote and we loved it! It just wasn't the style we were 'going for' on the EP so we released it as a single. Its still similar just a lot more refined. Is there any specific influence to the bands sound? Andrew Johnston: We're all big Pop Punk fans, but we don't really sit and write and think oh we should sound. We usually just come up with a Lyric or a chord progression and just go from there. Yeah obviously, some stuff is gonna sound the same as other stuff, theres 8 notes in a scale, but we don't strive to sound like a certain band.

If you could tour with any 3 bands who would it be? Andrew Johnston: This is a hard question but.. I think I'd like to tour with Boston Manor because I LOVE Boston Manor! It doesnt fit the Punk Pop Genre, but touring with turnstyle would be cool as fuck! Who else? Hm? Trophy Eyes, yeah definitely. Alex Espley: I'd probably have to go with Knuckle Puck, I've been blasting Knuckle Puck alot lately. Obviously Charly Bliss cause I reckon tonights gonna be a blast. Annnnddd... Taylor Swift, Sorry not Sorry but Taylor Swift. I love Taylor.

What is your favourite song to perform? Andrew Johnston: Distilled! We'll Basically it's a song from the new EP, and we play it alot during our sets and I just love it! It's my favourite, its one of the fastest, its a fun song

Alex Espley: I think I'd go with Distilled to, its just a good song to perform it gives me quite a rush, such a bouncy tune. Its very clear that you guys have a very strong friendship, almost a brotherly bond. Do you feel this makes the band stronger? Andrew Johnston: Yeah totally. We are definitely brother, we argue like brothers but in the end we're always there for one another and we have eachothers backs. We've not known each other for that long, like its been just over a year. I met Alex in college but It totally helps cause you know always one of the lads has got your back. Alex Espley: Yeah! We can just be chillin and it can spontaneously just turn into a writing sesh. Like Andrew could be at mine, and we obviously make vigorous love! Seriously, it makes it alot easier for us to write cause everything just bounces and we just vibe together. We have a big surprise coming after the EP so keep an eye out on us! Huge surprise!

Nowhere is where I'll be is out now!