• Charlotte Claber

Halloween with WSTR Round 2

Halloween Round 2. What made you want to do it again? Sammy: It’s halloween, our favourite day of the year, it’s Liverpool and we aren’t going to be playing here again this year so we thought let’s do another hometown show!

So do these hometown shows mean a lot to you then?

Sammy: They’re the best, it’s where we started and it’s the guys from Liverpool who backed us from the start. Some of our most important shows will be here so we had to bring it back! I mean I’m not even from here but it’s the home of South Drive!

You have a great choice of supports! How did you come to choose each band?

Pretty DIY to be honest. I live with the guitarist from ‘From Inside’. Some of us used to work with the bassist from ‘Pine’. ‘Shelley’ is an old friend!

Obviously we sat down at Slam Dunk and you’ve grown a lot as a band since. How have the past few months been for you guys!

Danny: Insane. We went to Australia and had a sick run with the guys in With Confidence and Seaway. Then Reading and Leeds, it’s been great! Sammy: It’s been very busy, there’s been a lot of changes in our camp a lot of promising things we can’t talk about just yet but it’s been our busiest time ever maybe.

How was Australia?

Sammy: Australia was well actually Alex can answer this one…

Alex: Yeah Australia was an absolute vibe. It was a lot colder than I thought and we didn’t see as many spiders as expected but it was good and I’m really glad we played it!

Did your time with bands like With Confidence, Seaway and Trash Boat teach you anything?

Alex: Trash Boat didn’t really teach us anything. We taught them how to drink. Besides that Seaway were really cool! Nice to hang around with people that have a different accent!

Sammy: With Con taught us that Australia is really fucking big! And far apart from each other.

Danny: The fans go sick aswell!

When we sat down on Halloween last year we were waiting on the release of Red, Green or Inbetween. You’ve had a year to decide, what’s been your favourite song to play live?

Sammy: Wait it wasn’t out? Smiles is a good one and it goes off. Maybe Featherweight aswell.

Danny: Gobshite is always a laugh.

Sammy: Break Stuff. I’m kidding we aren’t a cover band and it won’t be making a return.

Speaking of Gobshite. It’s a very targeted song, but what is it really about?

Sammy: It’s about shit talkers like UKPP that try to bring you down constantly then they’re at the show miming all the words. You know who you are. Keep coming, keep singing, keep hating when you go home.

Alex: You keep chatting shit about us but you keep buying our merch! It’s great.

Sammy: You get likes on Twitter and well we’re just doing great. But we love you all really though, that’s why we say it’s all good at the end of the song. It’s in jest.