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Time with Diet Cig

How is tour going? You’re near the end of it now, right? Noah: Yeah 3 more shows. Alex: It’s our last night in the UK. We have 2 more in the Netherlands after this then we fly home November 1st right after Halloween. It’s been great though. It’s so fun touring with The Spook School. They’re soooo good and getting to see them every night is just so amazing.

Noah: They’re just really great people who just have fun. How many weeks have we been out here? 5, 6 weeks? Alex: 6 weeks! Noah: It’s been so fun.

What’s your favourite show been so far? Noah: First thing that comes to mind is Copenhagen. It was just such a cool city and the fans were really fun. I didn’t expect much of it, I didn’t know much about it, but the show was really really fun. Alex: I liked Glasgow. I had a lot of fun at that show I was kinda really tired that day and didn’t think I was gonna have fun at the show but then there was something about it. Everyone there was super excited and super happy to be there it was great. Noah: Also Nottingham. Alex: OH YEAH NOTTINGHAM. We played there for rough trade. A group called Fan Club put us on and they’re like a collective that mix art and zines and stuff and have shows and they have a really good safer spaces policy and they’re so sweet and cool. Noah: That was a fun show.

So you just played 2 sold out shows in London, how was that? Noah: It was awesome! Alex: That was one of my favourites too! All of our friends mostly live in London so it was really cool to see a lot of people who we don’t really get to see a lot. It was sooo cool to play the same venue two nights in a row because we didn’t have to load in or load out each night it was sooo nice. Towards the end of tour that felt like a blessing not to have to haul gear. And moth club was so cute! The ceilings are glitter-ised. Noah: The backdrop is glitter. Alex: It was so fun though we loved it.

So obviously you put out your record earlier this year, how’s the reception been for it? Is it what you expected? Noah: It’s been great. I didn’t really expect anything. Alex: We wanted to make the record something we were really proud of. Even if everyone in the world hated it at least we loved it. So when we put it out we were so stoked on it because we worked so hard to make something we love and I think that once we put it out we were like oh my gosh everyone loves it too! It’s been so great having people come to the shows and sing the songs on the record. I never thought that people would like the record more than the EP for some reason. I suppose because this was our first thing, like the OG fans would like, but at the shows people are freaking out for the new songs on the record so it’s really cool and surprising to realise like oh right yeah this is a good thing that we did and people actually like it.

Noah: the thing I’ve noticed is in different cities there’s a different song that they like more. I can’t remember where we were, but bite back was the song that people were singing their hearts out to, and we were like okay that’s cool Alex: some cities like sixteen a lot Noah: it depends where you are and what song is loved there. it’s cool.

Any musical influences in the album? Alex: we had a lot of obvious influences from like other bands in our scene, other fem artists. but we also listened to a bunch of Mariah Carey and Carly Rae Jepson and stuff and taking from their melody building style and their lyricism is so strong. So we were kinda learning how these pop idols make the songs so catchy and trying to learn from that. We listened to a LOT of pop while recording. But also a lot of Jimmy Eat World while we were mixing to try and get the guitars and drums to sound similar to Bleed American. It’s a very youthful album, but i see a lot of parents like it? Alex: YO PARENTS LOVE OUR MUSIC WHICH IS SO FUNNY. We realised that when we put this record out. People were like “I’m here at the show with my dad! he loves your band!” and a cute young kid will come up to us like “hello great show” then the dad will come and be like (Alex adopts a gruff voice) “great show that was absolutely fantastic I’m just so happy my child is listening to your music” and I’m like THANKYOU SIR. It’s cool. I think the feelings in the record of uncertainty and being young and unsure of yourself translate to all ages. They’ve gone through that shit too! You never lose that feeling of uncertainty, even if you’re an adult with a kid. It’s been really cool to meet other adult adults who like our music. Noah: it’s so wild. we get so many parents come up to us and say they liked our set. Alex: or there’s parents who come to the show who are so cute, like a husband and wife who are really dorky and they’re like “WE CAME HERE TOGETHER WE DIDN’T TELL THE KIDS WE WERE COMING CAN YOU SIGN THIS FOR THEM WE WANTED A NIGHT OUT BY OURSELVES OUR KIDS WILL BE SO MAD WHEN WE TELL THEM.” Al Jones- my mum wanted to come tonight but I didn’t let her Alex: my mum also likes all the same music. sometimes I’m like mom take a step back. she comes to a lot of our shows too which I love, but sometimes I’m like girl you gotta let me breathe. I love her I don’t want her to read this and think I don’t like her when she comes to our shows. but I feel you.

LGBT Community, how important is it to you? Alex: Honestly I think it’s so important to us because we foster safer spaces at our shows and that’s a really important thing for us to have folks who are LGBT come to our shows and feel like they can be their most authentic selves and not worry about “oh, can I use this bathroom?” on this tour we’ve had gender neutral restrooms, and for them to have a moment where they can feel vulnerable and have fun with their friends. The support from that community has been so strong and great. All I wanna do is give them the same support back and extend their privilege. we’re relatively safe on stage, no ones come up and intruded our personal space so we want to extend that privilege to people in the audience. especially LGBT kids. I feel like there’s not a lot of safer spaces that truly welcome that community. we just wanna foster that community at our shows so everyone can come have fun with their friends, and be safe and feel heard and like they can get vulnerable and have fun.

How important is it for you for people to view your shows as safe places? Alex: we try really hard to enforce a safer space policy. before I start I always say don’t touch anyone without their permission, act with consent, and if there’s any issues during the set and someone’s really bothering you, you can go to our sound person Nate who travels with us and he will help solve the situation and get the person removed discretely. It’s so important for us for people to have a fun time without feeling like they were gonna get harassed or made to feel uncomfortable. Noah: going to shows is intimidating. especially by yourself. you don’t know what’s gonna happen. Alex; it’s like a radical act going to a show by yourself. Noah: pretty much what al was saying, we just wanna create a space where you know that everything’s gonna be fun. it’s just gonna be a good time and that’s all you have to worry about. Alex: and maybe you can make a friend at the show. that’s the dream. you go to the show and maybe you leave with a friend because you were just having fun and felt like you could be your most true self because you’re not nervous about creeps around so we just wanna foster a space where everyone can come and feel like they’re a part of something together. that can’t really happen in a place where you feel like you’re gonna be touched or shoved. I think some people would argue against that. we’ve had a lot of weird metal dads message us on Facebook saying “ fuck you and your no moshing! stay the fuck outta our scene!” and I’m like we’re not in your scene. they’re like “you’re just fucking breathing snowflakes at your shows.” it’s like noooo we just want everyone to be able to have fun. sorry you’re a giant male person who probably feels safe at shows because you’re the one causing trouble. we just want people to be able to have fun.

WHERE DID THE ALBUM ART FOR OVER EASY COME FROM? Noah: while we were writing that ep and recording it there’s a bistro breakfast place where we’d go to every morning and we’d always get the same thing. Alex: there was a breakfast special. it was $1.95. 2 eggs, hash brown and toast. Noah: we always got it over easy. that was our thing. it was such a big part of the writing process of going in there every morning. Alex: even our life at the time. those songs I feel like I wrote when I was in first year of college and going to the bistro every day with my friends. it was such a ritual. eggs are so important. I feel like my whole life revolves around getting eggs with my friends. Noah: we would go in there with 10 or more people in the morning. it was fun. Alex: they’d know us too. they’d be like “special over easy?” and I’m like yep you got it. I miss the bistro! we don’t live in that town anymore. anytime we go back we go there and we’re like “SPECIAAAAAL GIVE US THE SPECIAAAAAL” Noah: and they know it too. Alex : They’re like “LOOK WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN OH MY GOD YOU WANT THE SPECIAL OVER EASY” I’m like FUCK YEAH I do.