• Naomi Sanders

The Killers + support at Genting Arena, Birmingham, 06/11/2017

Arena’s have a different feel entirely to the small rock club. More space means that more people are able to come and see the show, but that also means that the bands have more people to play to, and more space to try and fill. Some can do this well, others can’t. But did Killers, having come off from a recent album, and celebrating the 10 year anniversary of “Sam’s Town”, succeed in doing this well on the first night of their UK tour?

Firstly, the support from Alex Cameron came on, which sadly didn’t perform well. The sound was off as some points, and by the end of it, Cameron got to a point where he was straining his voice. Whilst it is interesting to have a saxophone in the band, it didn’t really serve that much of a purpose other than there for the sake of being unique. Points for creativity, but it didn’t add much, especially as it was easily heard how all the instruments were fighting for the same frequency, and didn’t really gel well together. It seemed more like a lounge act than a support act, not helped by the choice of settings given to the keyboard. If the band had a bit more experience, they’ll get better, but as it stands, they shouldn’t have been thrust into playing arenas just yet, especially as many of the audience members weren’t paying attention.

Then, The Killers came on, and truly put the support to shame! With a setlist mixing the old classics from “Hot Fuzz” and “Sam’s Town”, but also mixing in newer songs, especially from their new album, “Wonderful Wonderful”, with songs like the title track, The Man, Some Kind of Love, Run For Cover, and Rut, all played to the best of their abilities, and with fun visuals playing in the background. Even if the audience had only come to hear Mr Brightside played live, they were still up and jumping to the newer songs, singing along as best as they could. Commendation especially to drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr for not just playing spectacularly that night, with an amazing amount of gear, but giving it his all and making sure to have fun. His fantastic playing should be commended more, especially as this was the first night of the tour. Only problem was the screens in the arena seemed to glitch out a lot, which was a shame as the visuals in the back of the stage wanted to incorporate them into the show, but technical difficulties let them down.

All in all, a very well done to the indie rock legends - an enjoyable evening from start to finish, and worthwhile to see for rock fans young and old, or those who just know Mr Brightside, this is one band not to miss. Shame about the support band, or this would have been a completely stellar show.

'Wonderful Wonderful' is OUT NOW! The Killers are currently touring the UK