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Interview with Luke Caley + Lewis Williams of Press to MECO

After being featured on Kerrang! Radio, and in Kerrang! Magazine’s Fresh Blood article back in January, Press to MECO only seem to be making a bigger and louder mark on the rock scene. And as their sophomore album, Here’s To The Fatigue is coming soon (hopefully), we got to chat with guitarist Luke Caley, and drummer Lewis Williams about the tour, inspiration for many of their songs, and as much as we were allowed to know about the new album...whilst having KFC! Maybe the fast food restaurant should sponsor the band after this!

Last time I saw you guys was about this time last year with SHVPES - what’s different this time around?

LUKE CALEY: Last time, my amp wasn’t working properly because I forgot my pedal-board - this time, my amp’s not working properly because a bit of the amp’s fallen off! So same situation, different reason. Same toilet, different shit! We’re pretty witty like that- we like to take spins on classic sayings whenever we can!

You sadly had to postpone your album, Here’s To The Fatigue - mind giving us a further insight as to why?

LC: NO! You’re not allowed to ask that question! It’s gonna be the question at every interview, isn’t it? It’s for a good reason - that’s all we can say, we promise!

LEWIS WILLIAMS: It’s because no one was caring, so we did it for publicity!

LC: Yeah, you know when people do silly things for attention? That’s basically our version of that, so by saying we’re not gonna release it, and one or two people said “Aww”; made us feel like we should release it. By the time this comes out, we’d probably have announced it!

You were featured in Kerrang!’s Fresh Blood article earlier this year, and have been played on Kerrang! Radio - how does it feel to have that support from a company like Kerrang?

LW: It’s good. Scuzz TV have been really behind us as well! It really adds to the reach of your band, there are so many people working these channels; even people doing their homework or doing the housework - considering that both Kerrang! and Scuzz are both channels that we probably saw when we were growing up, it feels good.

LC: And also, there’s a lot of bands out there, so it’s just sort of nice that we’re getting some recognition and respected in a publication that’s such a staple of the scene we’re in, and you know, so many people get their new music from these publications, and the fact that they’re taking us under their wing is pretty cool.

What is the inspiration to your sound?

LW: Everything! We kinda just write what we write, and that’s what we release, really. I don’t think we go in with too much of an agenda, within limits, ‘cause obviously we’re not gonna go and write a hardcore song, even though we’ve kinda done that on the new album!

LC: Yeah, we’re not gonna come out sounding like Britney Spears, but there will definitely be bits of songs that those extremes. Whatever we write, it ends up sounding like us, so literal inspiration, it comes from anywhere. I know it’s one of those arty, pretentious answers, it’s just so true; anything, you might hear one hook, in a random song, or might hear one beat, or one riff, or just a tone or something that inspires you - you kind of want to recreate that in your own way, and that’s always what we’ve done, and it’s ends up sounding like Press to MECO everytime.

LW: We kind of have faith in ourselves now, where it’s like even if we start writing on a song, and it sounds pretty wacky, out of our ball park, by the time it’s finished, it’s gone through all the Press to MECO filters, and it comes out sounding like us, so I think it’s just yeah, what inspires our sound is just what we end up doing!

LC: Basically, what Lewis is saying, is that we’re our own biggest inspiration!

What was the writing process like for Here’s To The Fatigue?

LW: Writing process...Luke will probably come to the table with an idea-

LC: A literal table! We all bump knees underneath it - it’s what keeps us connected!

LW: We develop the idea, Luke will probably put a vocal idea down, we’d develop that idea, I write some lyrics…

LC: Lewis cries for an hour!

LW: Yeah, it’s just kinda like that, really. Just slowly gets done.

LC: We take it a lot more seriously than how we just described it!

How will Here’s To The Fatigue differ from your previous album?

LC: Just think we’re better songwriters now. Hopefully, the songs reflect that. I feel like with each release, we’ve always been finding our feet a bit more and more on this album, as this is the latest thing we’re gonna release; it feels like the most accomplished version of what we’re trying to do. I think the songs are packaged up in a way that sounds the most like us that it ever has, but also we think they’re the best songs we’ve ever written to this day. I also think, sonically, there’s a bunch of sounds, vibes, tones and stuff that we haven’t necessarily gone to before, if that makes any sense! Just some stuff that’s a bit different from us, but again, going back to the whole inspiration thing, it always ends up sounding like us.

Looking to the future a little bit, if you could have anyone guest on the next album, who would you pick?

LW: Pharoah Monche or Kendrick Lamar.

LC: That would be sick!

LW: Kendrick Lamar, just because it’s like, we’d be sorted!

LC: We’d have money!

LW: We’d get some vocal lessons! I dunno, maybe Andy Hull from Manchester Orchestra, so he could make people cry!

LC: I guess Kendrick Lamar would be sick, just ‘cause it would be so different, and it would get 115million streams on Spotify, which would be cool! But artistically, Andy Hull would be sick, just ‘cause we’ve got so much respect for him as a songwriter. Manchester Orchestra are one of our favourite bands. Everything Everything would be cool, like Jonathan Hicks - just get him to come in and program in cool shit over one of our tunes; that would be cool! I’d love to do something with Noisear, or something like that; just all the things that would juxtapose what we do, which would be cool.

In this modern day and age, do you think social media is an important factor to helping your band grow?

LC: Yeah,

LW: It’s everything!

LC: It’s the be all end all, which is a blessing and a curse at the same time. It’s good ‘cause anyone in the world has got this huge platform to put anything they want out on there, and it could potentially be heard by anyone, picked up by anyone, go viral; all these things, but at the same time, because of that, you’re the smallest grain of sand in the desert - it’s so hard to break through and get noticed, so it’s a good and a bad thing. But there’s many pros! Many cons!

What’s been the best thing about this tour run so far?

LC: This chicken interview! This has actually been my favourite bit of the tour, I’m not even joking!

LW: To be honest, not much crazy stuff has happened. It’s been a show, then a day off, then a show, then a day off; we’ve done a lot of hanging around. We had a very good Thai in Oxford - Red Star.

Finally, after this tour, and your new album is released, what are the plans for the future?

LW: Do it all again! Hopefully play bigger shows, release a collaboration album with Kendrick Lamar, and yeah, keep doing what we’re doing, hopefully on a higher scale!

LC: It’s kind of the same as every band, you’re hoping that you repeat what you just done, and you made more progress, and you’re onto the next stage of your career.

Press to MECO are on tour NOW! Here's To The Fatigue coming soon!







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