• Naomi Sanders

Press To MECO + support at Key Club, Leeds, 25/11/2017

Quieter than the usual scenes at Key Club, it’s a shame because a lot of people then missed out on not just a fantastic headliner, but a fantastic gig all together, from start to finish. First up were Lost Ground, who did a VERY good opening the whole show - very atmospheric sound that was complimented by the fantastic instrumental skill that was shown on stage that night. The ethereal layering of different riffs were reminiscent of early U2, who similarly layered riffs on top of each other in their music. Only critique of their set is that they unfortunately suffered from the Curse of the Opening Band , as the vocals were difficult to hear. But they are ones to check out on their own. Next was Deadset Dream, who showed a lot of energy, and there was a lot of skill shown in each member, especially the lead guitarist as the solos - the finger movement on the fretboard is magical to see live! They also did a very good cover of Clean Bandit’s ‘Symphony’, by not only changing the instrumentation, but bringing their own feel to it, their own meaning to what the song is to them, which is great to see. Then Vexxes came onto the stage, which were heavier than the previous two bands, but still had that same edge to them that those bands had as well. And whilst their talent, energy, and musicianship were excellent, and great to see on stage, a massive criticism is that, near the end of their set, the frontman jumped into the crowd, and tried to get people moving with the music, which only made the crowd back away from him - massive no-no for bands to do unless you’re sure that the crowd are into it. Finally, Press To MECO came on, and it was an energetic set that no one would easily forget! It’s great to see a band have all the members sing on the songs, alternating on who’s taking lead, especially with an eclectic setlist full of tracks from their previous record, and some from the yet-to-be released record, with a few of them never been performed before, which was a treat to hear, making it a great and balanced set list. This band are always one to give a great performance, no matter the location, whether they’re headlining or not.

Overall, this was one of those rare nights where all of the bands were brilliant, and made turning up early for the support bands worth it all to be introduced to fantastic musicians that need to be noticed more often. And PTM’s setlist showed how much great material they have, and are going to have on their much-anticipated second album! Do see PTM, but also see and listen to the other support bands; they all are just as good.

Press To MECO are on tour with SIKTH NOW!

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