• Charlotte Hardman

Louder with Bonnie of Stand Atlantic

When it comes to rocketing out of the gates, Sydney-based pop-rockers Stand Atlantic have set the benchmark incredibly high! The three months since the release of their debut EP ‘Sidewinder’ have been nonstop for the young trio, as they have sped throughout Europe and the UK with pop punk princes Roam, gathering a small but avid following at home and away as they went! And when we caught up with vocalist, guitarist and all round badass frontwoman Bonnie Fraser at Manchester’s Deaf Institute, the reality of the band’s lightning fast upward trajectory appeared to only just be setting in!

You guys recently released your debut EP ‘Sidewinder’- how have you found the reaction to that EP from the fans so far?

Bigger than expected and better than we thought! We didn’t expect to release this [EP] through a label or anything, we didn’t even have a manager when we wrote it and so everything we’ve done since with Rude [Records] and the EP has just blown away all our expectations – we’re just really happy that everyone likes it!

You’ve come a long way off the back of just your first EP- did you ever expect this level of success this early in your careers?

Hell no! Not at all- you hope for it I guess, but when you hold onto something for yourself for so long like the EP, you sort of lose the perspective on what other people will think about it. Until you actually put it out into the world you don’t really know how people are going to react, so the fact that we’re even overseas right now is crazy off the back of like 5 songs- we don’t even have enough to fill the set that we’re playing!

Your music has more dimensions than some of the other ‘pop punk’ bands on this tour- does that come from your own music taste and influences?

I guess so, I don’t know where else it would come from really, because we all kind of listen to a lot of different things but in the same vein- we’re all huge pop fans, so a lot of the time we’ll kind of write a song based around a vocal melody or something, and we want it to be catchy obviously so we’ll always try and make that a point. We really try to focus on having dynamics and stuff, so I’m glad people can pick up on that!

‘Chemicals’ is one of the most powerful songs on ‘Sidewinder’- can you give some insight into the inspiration behind that track?

It’s basically a good old ‘Fuck the haters!’ kind of song- it’s about people who don’t really understand what we’re doing. In a band you’re always poor and you spend all this money to do all this, but you only do it because you love it, and a lot of people look down on because you don’t have a 9-5 job or you’re not studying or anything like that. So that’s kind of where that song stems from, that feeling of ‘I really don’t care what you think!’, I’m just going to do this!

Lately there’s been a lot of discussion and anger over the treatment of women in the music scene- do you think the patriarchal nature of the scene has had an impact on you as a female musician?

Personally I haven’t dealt with any issues just based on my gender at all- if anything I feel like I get treated better, which is nice! I don’t have anything negative to add about that kind of thing- it does happen to some people though which is really unfortunate. I think it says a lot more about the person who’s saying those things more so than the scene as a whole, but in my personal experience I’ve not had anything bad happen just because I’m a girl. Sometimes it can help you stand out a bit more because it is so male-dominated, if a girl comes in and knows what she’s doing and is taking it seriously I think a lot of guys look at that really respect it.

Sometimes the guys can be intimidated by it as well!

Well they should be!

So, what was the reaction like when you were invited on this tour with Roam?

We pretty much fell over! It was really cool- it was something we sort of knew was a possibility, and so to have it confirmed was such a relief and we felt really proud to actually be able to go overseas off just an EP!

You’ve played a huge range of places on this tour so far- have you got a favourite show or venue that you’ve played on this tour?

Cologne was a huge deal- it was the first show of the European leg, so it was a huge shock to us when we got there and the room was packed out and people were crowdsurfing and singing our songs back to us! I was like ‘English isn’t even your first language and we’re like this tiny band, how do you even have the time to look at what we’re doing?!’ So that was really a stand out show for us!

Finally, have you got any plans for touring or even some new music on the horizon?

Yep! We’re touring Australia with Roam again- they can’t get rid of us!- and Knuckle Puck in January, so when we get back we pretty much go straight into that tour, and then we’ve got some other things in the works that I can’t say just yet! And we’re always working on new music, so we should have something new released next year!

And if everything we’ve seen from Stand Atlantic so far is anything to go by, that new release will definitely be something to get your ears around as soon as you can! If this trio continue on the whirlwind journey they have been on over the latter half of this year, 2018 is set to be the year that Stand Atlantic take the music world by storm- this is definitely one band you’ll want to get on board with now before they become Australia’s worst kept secret!

Photograph by Charlotte Claber (@charlotteclaber.jpeg)