• Naomi Sanders

Crossfaith - Wipeout EP

Hailing from Osaka, Japan, the hardcore quintet, Crossfaith, have been making music since 2006, and don’t show any signs of slowing down any time soon, least of all with this EP! Does it give a look into their upcoming album, XENO, will be like, or is it a step in the wrong direction? Firstly, the title track “Wipeout” opens with a lot of electronic sounds over a fast paced drum rhythm, showing the speed, but also the unique identity the band have set for themselves whilst still remaining strong in the metal genre. The screaming vocals give it a nice punch, rough but ethereal sounding, making it a great starter to this EP. Secondly, “Inside The Flames”, the guitars blast through the speakers as soon as the track starts, showing the use of real instruments, and adding a tougher sound to the track. This, with the amazing vocals, both clean and unclean, work well to make the track so vibrant and empowering for the listener. Finally, “Vermillion Gold”, which starts with a nice blend of guitars, with an excellent riff to start the track with, and the synth strings, making the track grandiose, whilst also having that harsh, metal sound, making the track a joy to listen to, as it’s easy to jam and mosh to. The track, with the instrumentation, as well as the lyrics helping to create the atmosphere, make it that this should be a radio track. The only criticism is that it is so short - that’s the problem with a good EP; they’re a great insight to what future albums by the band are going to be like, but they leave the listener desperate to hear more, which can always be a double-edged sword. In conclusion, it is a great EP, not just for longtime fans of Crossfaith, but also for newcomers who had never heard of the band before. It’s an EP everyone should listen to, not just for amazing tracks, but also as a way to prepare for their album coming out September, XENO. Do go check it out - it’ll be worth your time!

WIPEOUT EP is out 26th January!






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