• Naomi Sanders

Bronnie - Get A Grip EP

Pop punk singer, Bronnie, has been growing in popularity in the last few months, even with American music magazine, Alternative Press, debuting her music video for “Get A Grip" 15th March 2018. So with the whole EP coming out 27th March, should more people check out her music?

The opening track, “Get A Grip”, gives an energetic start to the EP, with very fast rhythm on the drums, and fist-pumping guitar, so a lot of fire powering through the music, a great introduction. And whilst the lyrics, typical of the pop punk genre, are about leaving someone behind, and being better off without them, there’s a edge and spunk to the song, adding personality to it, and making the song an enjoyable listen. Second track, “So What”, whilst similar themes as to the track before, there is still a relatable energy within the fun lyrics, and Bronnie’s charisma shining through that continues the enjoyment within this track as well. “Danced with the Devil” is a beautiful addition to the EP, much slower than the other tracks, but just as powerful. The instrumentation for this track fits with the tone, and the lyrics are equally beautiful, filled with sorrow, but as if there is some hope within it, making this a memorable track. The final track, “Runaway” is a great closer, giving off a Green Day vibe, with strong guitars, and stunning vocals, especially at the end of the track, making a satisfying listen from beginning to end. The only problem, as this is an EP, it leaves the listener wanting more.

Overall, this is a great EP, and as this is her second, it’s impressive to see this talented newcomer to the music industry flourish in her own way. Only good things will be coming her way with music, and with AltPress helping promote this, hopefully more people will get to know this music soon.

Get A Grip EP is out 27th March!

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