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Slam Dunk Spotlight

Slam Dunk is just around the corner once again, and whilst there is the buzz of excitement surrounding everyone, there has been controversy surrounding the male:female bands and artists ratio that perform at festivals. Many festivals now have been seeking to improve this, so we’ve looked through lineup for Slam Dunk this coming Bank Holiday weekend to show you which bands will contain female musicians in them. They don’t have to be headlining, but we thought we give a shoutout to those women of rock who show that they can rock harder than their male peers!

As December Falls

Winners of the Rock Sound contest to perform on the Breakout stage, whilst they’re only at the Midlands date (Monday 28th), this Nottingham 4 piece is fronted by Bethany Curtis on vocals, and also features Ande Hunter on lead guitar and vocals, Will ‘Bambi’ Brown on rhythm guitar, and Lukas James on drums. Having previously played at Camden Rocks, this pop/rock group are not one to miss!

When? 1pm Midlands

Can’t Swim

Having supported Creeper back in December 2017 on their Theatre of Fear tour, this punk quintet keep getting better and better. With Chris LoPorto, Mike Sanchez, Greg McDevitt, Danny Rico, and Andrea Morgan, and their amazing debut album, Fail You Again, they’re ones you’ll regret to miss on the Signature Brew Stage!

When? 2pm North, 1:30pm South, 1:35pm Midlands


Indie pop duo Chapel are an interesting choice for the Rock Sound Breakout Stage amongst the rock and punk bands, but they’re gonna be a duo that people will need to see! Featuring the talents of Carter Hardin and Kortney Grinwis, and having toured with Sleeping With Sirens, and their current EP, Sunday Brunch, available now, this is a duo that look like they’re on their way to amazing things!

When? 7:10pm North, 4:55pm South, 4:20pm Midlands


Goth punks, Creeper, are one of the most anticipated bands on the line up for this year, having released their debut album Eternity, In Your Arms, last year. With vocalist Will Gould, guitarists Ian Miles and Oliver Burdett, bassist Sean Scott , keyboardist Hannah Greenwood, and drummer Dan Bratton, there’s a reason that they have a slot on the Jagermeister Main Stage!

When? 3:35pm North, 3:35pm South, 3:05pm Midlands

Dream State

These South Wales post-hardcore rockers have been performing around the country since 2014, with their current EP, Recovery, out now, and gaining positive reviews. Mixing the talents of CJ, Aled Rhys Evans, Rhys Wilcox, Danny Rayer, and Jaime Lee, this is a band that will truly rock the Rock Sound Breakout Stage!

When? 3:30pm North, 2:25pm South, 1:50pm Midlands


Another band on the Jagermeister Main Stage, this synth-rock from Massachusetts are another highly anticipated act, landing the slot before the final set. With the likes of Lynn Gunn, Alex Babinski, and Brian MacDonald, this trio is gonna bring the fire and passion as the festival transitions into the night.

When? 8:15pm North, 7:45pm South, 8:15pm Midlands

Save Ferris

A ska punk band that have been performing since 1995, having released their first EP in 18 years, Checkered Past, 10th February 2017. Members Monique Powell, Brandon Dickert, Adam Bones, Jesse Stern, Alex Csillag, and Max O’Leary are sure to light up the Fireball Stage with their level of energy that they’ve continue to bring now as they did when they first began.

When? 3:50pm North, 3:30pm South, 3:30pm Midlands

Stand Atlantic

A pop-punk band from the land Down Under, Stand Atlantic have been gaining a lot of attention recently, especially with their recent EP, Sidewinder, in August 2017. With Bonnie Fraser on vocals and guitar, David Potter on bass, and Jonno Panichi on drums, this band is a great addition to the Rock Sound Breakout Stage, which is showing to have some fantastic up and coming bands featured on this stage.

When? 8:05pm North, 6:35pm South, 6:00pm Midlands

The Skints

Mixing together reggae, ska, punk, dub, soul, and hip hop, The Skints are a unique band to watch when surrounded by pop-punk, especially as an act on the Fireball Stage! Featuring the talents of Jamie Kyriakides, Joshua Waters Rudge, Jonathan Doyle, and Marcia Richards, add some difference to your day by checking these guys out!

When? 7:05pm North, 6:45pm South, 6:45pm Midlands

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