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Interview with Matt Clarke of Milestones at Slam Dunk 2018

Manchester-grown band, Milestones, having been riding high after the success of their debut album, Red Lights, was released back in February, as well as touring non stop, with bands like With Confidence, and Mayday Parade adding them to their tour lineup. After successful performances at the Heavy Music Awards Launch Party and Slam Dunk Festival, we chatted with vocalist Matt Clarke about the recent album, as well as how they themselves stand out among the crowd!

Congrats on the new album release, how’s life since it dropped? Good, yeah, I’ve been really pleased with the roll out of the songs, I think we chose strong singles and it’ll be nice to see how they go down when we start touring.

Now you’ve played a few shows around the UK, what songs have been the best received? "Call Me Disaster"? Uh probably "Paranoid", and "Against the World", it’s been a slow burner.

How do you feel your sound has progressed since equal measures? I think it’s got a lot more mature, we’ve learnt how to write good songs. Wow she’s nodding, that’s brutal. Anyway, I think it’s just come a long way where we can now have a song that gets in your head and isn’t horribly infectious, it sticks because it’s a well written song and is enjoyable. Personally, I like the way my voice has changed because it’s turned from a little girl to a bit more of a man, which is nice because I always had a bit of a tone problem before, so now I don’t feel as awkward when I’m actually singing.

Obviously, albums are a longer process, what did you learn when creating this album that you didn’t know on the EP? I think I just learned to be even more self-critical, which is probably something I didn’t really need but I like the fact we wrote the album 6 times, and we kept churning and working. I think it was a different experience all together, you gain a lot of new information.

What inspired the album musically and lyrically? Everything, life. Musically it has a lot of different vibes like Thirty Seconds to Mars for "Against the World". We got inspiration from Mayday Parade as well because we toured with them for a while. A lot of the bands we toured with were bringing out different elements because they saw something that we didn’t, and it just made sense.

The scene is thriving at the minute with so many new bands, how do you make yourself stand out in this? Not sure, we’re working it out as we go along. With this sort of music, it’s a slow burner, like look at Waterparks for example, everyone just thinks it happens overnight. Those guys were a band for 4 years before anything happened. I don’t think anyone expects when bands are going to blow up, there are a handful that obviously do, but we shall see.

And finally, if someone is reading this and hasn’t checked you guys out before, what song should be their first taste of Milestones and why? What do you think it should be? *Personally, I’d say "Liar" and "Against the World"* I agree with "Against the World", I hate "Liar". No offence Liar. "Against the World" is a good place to start, I guess it’s just again a more mature song, so it depends who it is listening. Say if it’s someone who’s older or prefers commercial music I’d say "Against the World", but I agree "Liar" is more for the kids. You must add that I just did the horns then.

Red Lights is OUT NOW! Check out our photos from the band's set at the Heavy Music Awards Launch Party, taken by our very own Charlotte Claber







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