• Naomi Sanders

Trash Boat - Crown Shyness

Having been together since 2014, and coming from the success of their debut album, Nothing I Write You Can Change What You've Been Through in 2016, the pop-punk quintet from St Albans, Trash Boat, show no signs of slowing down as their latest album, Crown Shyness, is released later this month. With sets at the final VANS Warped Tour, and an upcoming performance at Reading and Leeds Festival, does this album exceed expectations from their fans and break that curse known as the “sophomore slump”?

There’s a balance in tone throughout the album that is nice to hear - like many, you have the harder songs to start the album off, as well as near the end, with the slower songs appearing in the middle and end of the film, but there is consistency of great music throughout, without any of the songs feeling out of place. The harsh unclean vocals fit where they’re needed, and never overstay their welcome, like in “Inside Out”, “Shade”, “Old Soul”, and “Controlled Burn”. The clean vocals, especially in the slower songs, shine through, giving the right amount of emotion, and able to be both calm and heartbreaking, for example, in the title track “Crown Shyness”. The music fits well the majority of the time with those vocals, specifically in the final track, “Love, Hate, React, Relate”, where the vocals and the guitar melody work beautifully together to make a stunning album closer. However, that’s not to say the album has a few problems, and it has a few, mostly with how the music can become generic at certain points, for example, in “Don’t Open Your Eyes” the music side of the song doesn’t grab your attention, and borders on filler material. In addition, whilst it’s very interesting to have a song in compound time, “Old Soul”’s chorus also borders on generic.

Overall, this is a strong album from Trash Boat, and one any fan of pop-punk or hardcore music would be proud of owning. If you can, try to catch these guys live, and be sure to pick up a copy once this is out. Nice job Trash Boat!

Crown Shyness is out 20th July!