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Interview with Janine of Vukovi- Touring, Top Tracks and 2000 Trees

Scottish rock certainly is blooming, but within the hordes of dark, brooding rock shines a bright storm of riotous colour and upbeat rhythms- Vukovi, the alt rock quartet whose colourful aesthetic and deeply layered lyrics have already earned them a place in the hearts of much of the rock world. We caught up with them for a quick chat before their appearance at Cheltenham’s 2000 Trees Festival, to talk about everything from the success of their self-titled debut record to THOSE shiny shell suits…

So, last year you guys released your debut LP ‘Vukovi’, and it certainly made its mark. Does that album still stand up for you, 18 months on, and was the reception of it what you were expecting it to be?

It was everything and more. We weren’t expecting the reception it got from both press and fans.

The thing I feel most proud about is the amount of people that have said the album has got them out some really dark places.

It was a long build up for you between your formation and the release of the self-titled record - was taking time to gain that experience an important part of how the final product turned out?

Absolutely we wanted to create an album when we had the best team possible around us and it’s good to take the time to figure out who you are and where your place is in the world of music and art etc.

The lyricism on so many of your songs such as ‘Colour Me In’ is multifaceted and complex - what is the writing process like for you and where does your inspiration for your lyrics come from?

I always write about things that I’ve experienced or someone close to me has. Just feels more honest and accurate. I mostly write about my mental health which is always something I’ve struggled with that and all the other fucked up things that life throws at you.

Your fan base contains a very diverse mixture of types of people -is that something you were conscious of trying to attract with your music, or was that more of an organic result of your sound?

It was all very organic, we don’t like fitting a mould, we like encouraging people to embrace their quirks. Weird is way more interesting than perfection.

Your colourful aesthetic has become a hallmark of your band; is the aesthetic of the album and the sense of fun in your sound and your stage show an important part of what Vukovi is about for you?

It’s my release from reality, I get to forget and be at peace when I’m surrounded by creative juices and something that actually stimulates me. I get bored really easily otherwise!

Do you have a favourite song off the self-titled record to perform live and why?

 I’m Wired, the lyrics mean the most to me and I love how it turned out on the album. I love the trance vibe it’s got!

You guys are making a return to 2000 Trees this year; what was your experience like last year and are you excited to be back?

It was the first festival we played after our debut album last year and was the first time we saw how positive a response the album got by the turn out and the sheer excitement from the crowd wanting to hear it live and in the flesh! So coming back this year will be great.

And with another year of touring and performing under their belts, you can be sure that this year’s 2000 Trees set from Vukovi will no doubt be able to top their last! The band are scheduled to play The Cave stage on Thursday July 12th- get down early to see them and trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

Connect with Vukovi on their website: http://www.vukovi.co.uk/

Connect with Vukovi on Twitter: @vukoviband

Why not get acquainted with Vukovi before the festival by listening to Janine's favourite track, Weirdo, below?

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