• Charlotte Claber

Louder at Upsurge Fest

Homed at the New Cross Inn, London, 2018 kicks off the start to Upsurge Festival. Falling on August 26th and 27th the festival brings a mix of old and new hardcore to the city to make an impact. With headliners coming in the form of Counterparts and Harms Way the festival shows variety whilst introducing some small but loud names in the form of Dead Hands, God Complex, Grove Street Families, Terrible love and more! The weekend promises to present some of the UK’s finest in hardcore with blistering riffs and sweaty pits, a perfect combination for the bank holiday weekend. Be sure to check out the following and don’t miss Upsurge this weekend!

Grove Street Families

The Venn records band have an already strong presence, known for their Grand Theft Auto inspiration and killer hooks the band are going to settle in quickly.

God Complex

Quickly becoming a favourite following the release of ‘Breeding Filth’, Merseyside presents God Complex. Mixing their lives and political statements the lyrics are those control the essence of the song.

Lotus Eater

Breaking barriers, Lotus Eater became the first British Hardcore band to sign to Hopeless records following a successful run from their EPs. Break It is their first release since signing and shows big things are about to happen for the young scots.


Having played with the likes of Code Orange and Higher Power, Chamber are no stranger to the rhythm of the day ahead of them, bringing their dirty riffs to London, Chamber are sure to be a band with a raw presence as soon as they step on the stage.


Needing absolutely no introduction, the canadians hit the UK shores for their appearance at Upsurge fest off the tailend of their ‘You’re Not You Anymore’ success the band are sure to be the biggest of the day.

Harms Way

Following the release of Posthuman, their first album in three years, Chicago moshers are back with a sound mixing industrial, metal and hardcore.