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'The Future Is Dark'- Petrol Girls / Turned Up Louder

A quartet brought together by a love of post-hardcore and attacking the patriarchy from the inside, it’s no surprise that Petrol Girls are a band who aren’t afraid of making noise, taking up space and demanding to be heard. And with their new EP ‘The Future is Dark’, the band are doing all of the above in abundance!

When the total run time of a record is a mere 13 minutes in length, there’s no time to waste easing listeners in, and Petrol Girls certainly waste no time in hitting their listeners with a whiplash-inducing whirlwind of sound. Their post-hardcore influences are particularly prominent on recent single ‘Survivor’, which seethes and boils with a palpable anger felt in both vocalist Ren Aldridge’s impassioned screams and the thundering drums that cascade down like hailstones! Even when the thrashing guitars fall away the spoken word sections drip with venom, exposing the horrors that were uncovered by the recent #metoo movement and condemning the lasting impacts of sexual violence. This is a rousing feminist anthem that crashes over you like a tidal wave, drawing out your inner freedom fighter and rousing the silenced to action!

Raw, unsullied screams hail the opening of ‘Sister’, where each facet of the track ebbs and flows seamlessly into and over one another- the verses boast soaring vocals tinged with an almost ethereal edge, before the layers of guitars all fall away, showcasing the resounding spoken-word bridges that resonate just as powerfully as the thundering, passionate screams that follow. The track as a whole serves as a visceral celebration of sisterhood, cemented by both blood and friendship, which carries you along with its wildly swinging, palpable emotion. The third in the trilogy, closer ‘Strike’ is less blisteringly intense than its predecessors, but it still effervesces a different kind of authority. The depth and gravity added by the alternating dual vocals coupled with the infectiously upbeat guitar line creates the image of the band as commanding their rebellious army from on high! The soaring, fist-pumping chorus mirrors the waving of a protest flag, and yet the track sadly closes without leaving a resounding message ringing in the listener’s ear. The closing two minutes of the track consists of undulating ethereal tones that are cut through by soft, industrial-sounding crackling, which, while it does offer some much needed recovery time after being thrust into such a blinding cacophony of sound, feels like something of an anti-climax after the thundering stallion of closing notes that have seen out the previous songs on the EP.

Nevertheless, ‘The Future is Dark’ remains a powerful call to arms for all those who feel crushed by the weight of a society that has forgotten them. A veritable sucker-punch of sound, this EP’s message is one that nestles itself in your bones and refuses to let you rest until you answer the call to join the ranks of the army Petrol Girls are slowly but surely building around them. This music is evocative, this music is necessary, this music is powerful.

‘The Future is Dark’ is out now on Hassle Records. Watch the video for ‘Sister’ below:

Petrol Girls are touring in the UK and Europe this September and October. Dates can be found below:


Tue, 11 Austria, Wiener Neustadt, Triebwerk

Thu, 13 Germany, Munich, Baracke

Fri, 14 UK, Bristol, Mother's Ruin

Sat, 15 UK, London, Tufnell Park Dome - Loud Women Fest

Mon, 17 France, Paris, Olympic Cafe

Tue, 18 Netherlands, Amsterdam, Cinetol

Thu, 20 Germany, Hamburg, Reeperbahn Festival

Fri, 21 Spain, Madrid, Sala Wurlitzer

Sat, 22 Spain, Valencia, Alberto Quimera Festival

Tue, 25 Sweden, Stockholm, Kafe 44

Thu, 27 Germany, Kiel, Kieler Schaubude

Sat, 29 Germany, Berlin, Scharni 38

Sun, 30 Czech Republic, Prague 7, Cross Club


Mon 1 Czech Republic, Brno, Kabinet Můz

Thu, 4 Poland, Poznan, Pod Minoga

Fri, 5 Poland, Warsaw, Klub Poglos

Sat, 6 Austria, Vienna, EKH

Connect with Petrol Girls via Twitter: @Petrol_Girls

Connect with Petrol Girls via bandcamp: petrolgirls.bandcamp.com

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