• Naomi Sanders

'Summer Is A Curse' - The Faim / Turned Up Louder

Australian pop-rock band, The Faim, have slowly been making their way into everyone’s playlists, ever since they’ve been performing from 2014. Through their supporting sets with PVRIS, Lower Than Atlantis, Sleeping With Sirens, and an upcoming supporting set with Against The Current, their recent release of their EP, Summer Is A Curse, should include staples of their sets and some new soon-to-be gems. So having performed on tour with some notable names, and having a set at this year’s “Slam Dunk Festival”, does this EP live up to those expectations?

In terms of mixing pop-rock and pop-punk with their sound, they do well to encompass with both those sub-genres with their instrumentation, helping it sound like it is trying to be those stadium-ready anthems. With each of the songs, there are moments in the instrumentation that really work for the song, for example, in “Summer Is A Curse”, whilst the main body of the song rests on chords from an acoustic guitar, there is an effect from the electric guitar, that can be heard in the background. This gives off a nice layer within the song. “Make Believe” also contains some beautiful, rich instrumentation, which really can well up inside the listener, and can give them the chills that only rich and full instrumentation can. In terms of the music, melody lines in the vocals could be a little more complex and interesting, but aside from that, it shows that this band contains some talented musicians who know how to work around a melody in terms of harmony, chords, and rhythm.

Unfortunately, the lyrics are where this EP falters. Whilst they are great in tracks like “Make Believe” and “When It Comes”, most of the other tracks’ lyrics feel generic and without much effort. For example, the line “lay your head next to me” is repeated in both “A Million Stars” and “I Can Feel You” - some variation in themes and phrases would be nice in the future. The track, “A Million Stars” is problematic as well in terms of the lyrics in the verse and chorus; they seem very disconnected from each other. The verse discusses a story about meeting a woman and what the relationship with her contains, whilst the chorus feels like the singer got distracted by the stars and starts singing about it. “Summer Is A Curse” also has lyrics that don’t have an effect on the listener - there’s never an explanation why the singer considers the season of summer a curse, and whilst they can be interesting, there’s nothing in them that can resonate with the listener. In addition, whilst the lyrics in “My Heart Needs to Breathe” are great, with a intriguing theme to them, there is a confusing change in tempo between the verses and chorus, where the verses are much slower, creating a further disconnect within the song.

Overall, this EP is a mixed bag. There are moments where the band shines, but other moments where it does falter. If every song on the EP was at the same level as “Make Believe”, then this could be held up in high regard. But as it is, it is a mixture of ideas where some were executed well, but the majority could be so much better. There’s a lot that the band can improve on, so that when it comes to the creation of their album, they’ll be able to take this on board, and improve, because these guys can do so much more.

Summer Is A Curse - EP is OUT NOW!


THE FAIM W/ Against The Current

17th September- SWX, Bristol

18th September- Engine Rooms. Southampton

19th September- Waterfront, Norwich

21st September- O2 Institute, Birmingham

22nd September- Stylus, Leeds

23rd September- O2 Ritz, Manchester

25th September- Garage, Glasgow

27th September- Riverside, Newcastle

29th September- O2 Forum, London

2nd October- Trix Club, Antwerp, Belgium

3rd October- Melkweg, Amsterdam

5th October- Kantine, Cologne, Germany

6th October- Gretchen, Berlin Germany

7th October- Uebel & Gefaehrlich, Hmaburg, Germany

9th October- Ampere, Munich, Germany

10th October-Batschkapp Frankfurt, Germany

11th October- Yoyo, Paris, France

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