• Naomi Sanders

‘Erase Me’ - Bronnie/Turned Up Louder

A lot of new music has come out this week, from different genres like alternative pop to metal. In between all of the many albums, one pop-punk artist continues to blast through the woodworks, and show that she can still churn out fantastic music. That would be Liverpudlian singer, Bronnie, who has released her new EP, Erase Me. So, does it live up to the successes of her last 2 EPs?

This EP is, again, only 4 tracks, which is enough to give you a taste of what she can do, both as a musician and a performer, but it does leave you wanting more from her work. “Total Outcasts” has a fantastic introduction that starts off the EP on a very powerful note. The lyrics in the song, as usual from Bronnie, are very creative, and a lot of people, not just those who are already fans of her music, will resonate with these poetic words. “Strange Tattoo” is another fun song of hers, featuring creative storytelling, and captures that desire to become free, and have fantastic stories to tell like this. It’s creative, witty, and the musical accompaniment is very enjoyable as well, making it a fantastic experience as a whole. “Erase Me”, the title track, is the slower track on the EP, and it does feel like it comes from the heart. This song shows Bronnie’s maturity in her lyricism, and truly feels like this is an experience that she has personally gone through, which makes a song that more powerful. The final track, “Fake It!”, is a great way to finish the EP, as it is the last hurrah before the EP’s end. This is one that many fans would easily mosh to, and has very creative lyrics in this as well, with clever references to the film Wayne’s World. This song branches Bronnie out of the pop-punk and into full punk, which she can develop her music into if she wants to; the track shows she has the possibility to do so, and well!

Overall, this is another fantastic EP to add to Bronnie’s roster, mixing many tones and themes, and showing a more mature side to her. It shows that she can develop her sound, and grow as an artist. Still wait in anticipation for a full-length album, but as it stands, Erase Me is another EP that people should add to their collections!

Erase Me is OUT NOW!