• Naomi Sanders

Louder with Story Untold

French-Canadian pop-alternative band, Story Untold, have been touring for quite some time, especially at the final Vans Warped Tour in 2018. Having supported the likes of Simple Plan and Hit The Lights, we chatted with band members Janick Thibault, Aiden Von Rose, and Jonathan Landry at their show in The Globe, Cardiff, supporting With Confidence, talking about their sound, their album, and their own personal favourite songs to perform.

You’re touring in support of With Confidence - how has it been for the band so far?

AIDEN: Really good. We’ve been waiting to go to the UK for so long, and I couldn’t think of a better location than to do it with With Confidence.

JANICK: Yeah, it’s been amazing! We didn’t expect the crowd to be that intense or that into it, or just singing and screaming the words to our songs, and it’s just been amazing to see that. We didn’t know we were going to get that reaction overseas. It has been amazing, and the places are beautiful - can’t complain! It’s just been amazing so far!

JONATHAN: From our part, I think we’re playing our best shows, so it’s been fucking great.

You released your debut album, Waves, back in February - how has it been since then?

JO: A rollercoaster!

JA: Yeah, we went on Warped Tour this summer, we got this tour; we’ve also just hit 1 million plays on Spotify for one of our songs! People seem to really did the new songs, and it’s cool to see that. It’s been amazing - we can’t ask for more!

What was it like performing on the last ever Warped Tour?

A: It’s even harder to describe, even 2 months later, it was definitely a dream come true. It was hot, demanding, but it was so great! We made a lot of connections and new friends, and I think we’re ready now.

JA: Yeah, this tour was one of the hardest tours we’ve done so far, and I don’t think we’ve done any tours that were harder than this one, so yeah, it was just awesome; same thing, the reaction was just amazing, we didn’t expect to play in front of such big crowds and to see that many people into it, pretty much the same as here. I would say people here are more intense - it’s not the crowds are better, it’s just like a very good feeling to go on stage and sing songs, and have people responding to it, it’s awesome!

What is it like being part of the Hopeless Records family?

A: I’ve always had a fear of labels before, because I’ve heard so many stories, you hear how they don’t treat their bands right, and it’s not the case at all. [Hopeless Records] treat you like family, friends, it’s really great, and a lot of other cool bands signed to it; it’s like we’ve become friends with each other, it’s a big family.

JA: It’s kind of a weird thing that we’re signed onto the same label as Sum 41; they were a big band when I was younger, and they’re still a huge band, but it’s just weird to say that we’re signed to the same label as they are. There are so many other good bands; With Confidence, Neck Deep, other bands that are signed that are all super talented musicians and bands, so we’re just stoked to be a part of it.

What do you think your pop-punk sound means to not just your fans, but to those who have never heard of your band?

A: I feel like it’s a little different “pop-punk” than people are used to.

JA: I would classify [our music] as more pop-alternative; I feel like we’ve got some pop-punk songs, but we’ve also got some darker songs that are different from the other bands that are playing pop-punk, like happy and upbeat songs.

A: I would hope that’s refreshing in some way for people to discover like “oh, they’re not like everybody else”.

JA: Feel like we’re starting to write catchy songs that are still meaningful and mature at the same time.

What’s your personal favourite song to perform live from your setlist?

A: Mine would be “Matches in the Ocean”; we actually don’t really play it as often, but now we’re like “ you know what? We’ll just do it!”. I love it.

JA: My personal favourite would be “Drown in my Mind” because people have been singing the words - it’s just awesome seeing that and to see people jumping around to that song and having a good time, and I love that. I jump higher because of them!

JO: For my part, on the drums, I like to play “In or Out”.

If you could cover any song from any genre to bring to your own pop-alternative rock twist to it, which would it be and why?

JA: I used to do a lot of covers on YouTube.

A: I think the song “Girls” by The 1975, it’s so sick.

JA: Just try to pick a song that would try to be a pop song, but I can’t think of any right now, sorry! Maybe try to make Lil Pump sound somehow decent! I’m not sorry about this one!

A: Or Katy Perry!

JA: Katy Perry has a lot of great songs that would be good to cover, like “Teenage Dream” would be kind of easy to make it work, but I feel like there are so many other bands that have already covered that song.

What advice would you give to those who want to be a full-time musician in a band, especially in our modern digital age?

A: I’d say, first, be ready for what you are gonna go through, and don’t give up. Those two go together, but if the first thing you release, there are people who don’t really like it, it’s not the end. Stay true to yourself, don’t give up.

JO: Save your money!

A: That’s the bad part, the not so fun.

JA: I would also say don’t sit on what you have, always try to get better at what you do, and always try to get more out of what you’re doing, ‘cause that’s the way I think you’re gonna evolve and get better and get bigger at the same time.

JO: Also, practice your songs!

JA: Yeah, don’t watch videos of people lip-syncing and not doing anything because that’s not gonna do it, I feel like; true music is all about when it comes from the heart, and I feel like these artists or bands that are just there for the money are not role models that you should look up to. It’s all about hard work, sometimes neglecting parties and friends.

A: You gotta make a lot of sacrifices.

Finally, once this tour is complete, what is next for the band?

JA: Another tour!

A: We go home for a day, and then jump on the US with ROAM, Like Pacific, and Between You and Me. Now that I think about it, it’s all four bands from across the world! Australia, Canada, UK, and America! It’s for a month, and then we’re going back home.

JA: Another tour after that! Just like a week tour.

A: We will be trying to write a little bit.

JA: And maybe a new album next year? A new album next year definitely. Maybe try and change our hair!

Waves is OUT NOW!