• Charlotte Claber

The Amity Affliction 04.10.18 / Louder Live

Joel Birch of The Amity Affliction

Endless Heights, open to a mid week Electric Ballroom, a perfect starter to a packed lineup, the band fly through songs and created an interaction with a quickly filling Electric Ballroom and being on sharply after doors is a task that can be difficult but Endless Heights really lived up to this and had the audience hooked. Next up Dream State and CJ really blew a load of people a way, Small and Mighty, with pure emotion throughout the set. ‘In This Hell’ really showed what the band could do with fans screaming “I cannot sleep at night, with all this anxiety” in unison. The bar has well and truly been set. Final support comes from The Plot In You, a slow and unsure start from Landon Tewers quickly kicks in to a full band performance with ‘Not Just Breathing’ a favourite in the crowd, leading into take me away. It is obvious why the band have been chosen as a main support as the crowd erupts into cheer for them. A band that pose a perfect transition between a supports and headline act.

Landon Tewers of The Plot In You

A much awaited return, with support from their seventh album, The Amity Affliction enter a darkened stage, with a scream of “Kick It” from Joel Birch opening the lights up to see smiles across a packed Electric Ballroom. Lyrics echoed back to the band, as the room fills with a sense of unity. ‘Drag The Lake’ is a perfect opener blending seamlessly into ‘Don’t Lean On Me’, the band show power with harmonies coming from Ahren Stringer, there is no doubt this song is still a crowd favourite. Following into ‘I Bring The Weather With Me’ and ‘Chasing Ghosts’ it reminds the crowd the band know their roots and still stick to what they know, growth between earlier albums like ‘Chasing Ghosts’ and what they’re doing now with ‘Misery’ is seen and appreciated by the strong support. It is great to see a band adapt to their fan base and grow but still hear familiarity in their music, a true stand out in today’s ever changing scene.

‘Shine On’ leads in to the slightly ironic ‘D.I.E’, for outsiders in the room, seeing a crowd sing the lyrics “D. I. E. we’re all going to die” can be a bit confusing, an idea that was clear with a scan of security guards. Aside from that, the song itself demonstrated the bands ability to present a the idea of battling your own demons, in a manner that captures fans and allows them to express themselves. Joel takes an extended break between songs to discuss heartbreak and struggle, a theme that many in the room will feel. Encouraging people to hug each other and simply ask if they’re okay, because no one will understand what others are going through. Birch introduces ‘All Fucked Up’, a song that discusses battles with addiction and depression, a front man who has battled, it is noticed that Birch gets through the song with emotion written all over his face and a room with many tears. The frail song, a sadness that hits many with it’s soaring harmonies creates a quake of pure emotion, a moment that stands out and by the end Birch is crouched really showing that it’s a constant battle inside the mind. After a moment the band kick in to ‘Ivy’ a slow started that is a perfect transition into ‘Open Letter’, a song that again captures fans throughout the venue. The seamless blend between old and new creates a perfect unison throughout the set with the next chapter coming from ‘Feels Like I’m Dying’, a song that brought the biggest mosh pit of the evening and rightly so. Riffs from Dan Brown and Ahren Stringer created a perfect unison throughout the song and drums from touring, Joe Longobardi produce a fuller sound that echoes around the venue.

The next song, ‘Kick Rocks’, Birch makes clear is dedicated to the venue, whilst waiting to start his vocals, middle fingers are held to the sky whilst the crowd decide to join slowly. “Chew Glass, till your mouth stops bleeding” rings around with a faint mirror from fans old and new. Quickly into ‘Set Me Free’, a thank you, and the band are gone. Resounding chants of “Amity” echo the venue as the room knows that wasn’t a true goodbye from the band and cheers erupt when they’re back on with ‘Holier Than Heaven’, crowd surfers fly over the barrier, left, right and centre, creating chaos for the security who don’t know what has suddenly erupted. It wouldn’t be a set from The Amity Affliction without ‘Pittsburgh’ the song that really represents the band, a song that fans understand. A perfect closer to a set that resonated with many; the song truly shows pain but a fight through and a passion to survive. Creating a truly special moment the band have made London their own.