• Courtney Peterson

Louder With Currents

Welcome to the UK! How has the tour been so far? Brian: Thank you, it’s been awesome. I’m really liking it a lot. We were here in January with Miss May I and Fit For A King, and I didn’t know we were gonna be back so soon but [I’m] happy we are.

Have you made friends, or do you already have some, on this tour? B: Yeah, Thousand Below is really cool. Everybody on this tour is actually really nice. You know, you don’t know what to expect, [with] seven bands. But there’s not a single person with an ego, or anybody that’s, like, a jerk. So that’s been nice, but [we] got on with Thousand Below pretty quick, I think.

So you’ve got the new single out, ‘Into Despair’. How have the crowds in the UK and Europe been receiving it? B: It’s been sick! I didn’t know what to expect at all, just because we only put it out a few days ago at this point, and there’s kids that – like, there were kids tonight, there were kids the night before, and then the first night there were just kids that knew the words already. I was like “Whaaaat?”. So it’s really cool.

And you’ve been touring on ‘The Place I Feel Safest’ for over a year now, so do you have a favourite song from that album to play live? Chris: Oh gosh… They’re all pretty fun. I reckon ‘Apnea’ is a staple in the set. B: Yeah, I never get tired of ‘Apnea’. I like ‘Delusion’ a lot, too.

The name of the upcoming EP, ‘I Let The Devil In’, is a lyric from the first single, so could you explain what makes that lyric so important? B: I just thought it’s, like, a cool way to put everything together, because we kind of knew coming out the gate that it was gonna be the first song, so [we] just come in as hard as possible. When we figured out it was gonna be part of the EP, that was the plan, to put it first. And I think just that line gets you ready for the rest of it, and I just thought it fit really well.

There seems to be a theme of mental health in ‘Into Despair’ and in the old stuff, so does

that continue to be central in the rest of the EP?

B: Yeah, definitely. As I’m trying to figure myself out and I’m going through different things, I’m putting new words to emotions. I talk about similar stuff in the song ‘Tremor’, and a little bit on ‘Another Life’, and I was like ‘I really just want to nail this aggression song’, you know? And I think we definitely got pretty close.

Are there any up-and-coming bands you’re excited for? B: I like the band Thornhill from Australia. They’re really cool, they’re on UNFD!

Absolutely, Australia are killing it in metalcore! C: Yeah, Polaris are from Australia. I don’t even know if you can consider them an up-and- comer any more, but back when I first heard them they were definitely an up-and-comer and they’ve grown a lot since the past couple of years.